League Meeting - Tuesday August 22, 2017 - 7:00pm - Blend Bar & Bistro



  • Peter Anapol (Commissioner, Snakeheads)
  • Eric Charbonneau (Tavern On The Lake)
  • Brian McKinney (Beer Hockey Club)
  • Joe Tkaczuk (Cray Electric)
  • Harry Meeks, Jr (Marty’s Place / Anthony’s Pizza)
  • Rich Wood (John Casablancas Stonecutters)
  • Brian Liss (District 5)
  • Jeremy Stout (Blend Bar & Bistro)

Playoff Eligibility:

Ø To be eligible for the playoffs, a player need to make 1/4 of their team's played games.  If a player is injured, they can still get credit for the game by showing up and checking in with Harry Sr (Or whoever is running the clock for the game) during their team's game (during warm ups or during the game itself).  If a player is late to the game (shows up during the game) please make sure that player checks in with Harry Sr (Or whoever is running the clock for the game) or they run the risk of not getting credit for the game.


Rule Change:

Ø  When the ball gets stuck in the fence on a shot, the face-off will now come outside of the blue line to the nearest face-off dot.  Offensive zone control depends on whether or not the offensive team has control of the zone at the time of the shot.  This is even the case if the shot is taken from four feet in front of the net.


Rule clarification:

Ø  On a face-off, the ball *MUST* hit the rink before it is played.  If a player touches the ball before it hits the ground, the face-off will be redone and it is the referee’s discretion to remove/replace the player from the face-off.


Scheduling Update:

Ø  It was requested and voted on that there be NO DOUBLEHEADERS for the playoffs in the upcoming season (and moving forward).


The season starts on Sunday September 10, 2017.  The schedule that day is:

Ø  8:30am – Tavern On The Lake vs Killarney’s Publick House

Ø  9:30am – John Casablancas Stonecutters vs Cray Electric

Ø  10:30am – Marty’s Place / Anthony’s Pizza vs District 5

Ø  11:30am – Warriors vs Snakeheads

Ø  12:30pm – Blend Bar & Bistro vs Bill’s Tavern Mustangs

Ø  Bye: Beer Hockey Club



Ø  We will be putting together an All Star committee to discuss an All Star game to be played at the end of the season.

Ø  We will be putting together a Hall of Fame committee as well.

Ø  Is there anyone interested in doing game write-ups, 3 Stars of the game, etc…


League Meeting - Tuesday July 18, 2017 - 7:00pm - Killarney's Publick House
Peter Anapol (Commissioner)
Chris Fisher (Official)
Mark Odenheimer (Website)
Killarney's Publick House
Blend Bar & Bistro
Beer Hockey Club
Possible New Team
Tavern On The Lake
Texas Roadhouse
Bill's Olde Tavern Mustangs
Wildflowers Too
District 5
Marty's Place Bar & Grill
Items Discussed
  1. ** Captains are being asked to submit their rosters to me as soon as they can so we can get an idea of players returning and/or not returning.  There are teams that are in need of players, and there are players in need of teams.
  2. Divisions - We discussed the differences between a traditional "A/B" division setup and an "East/West" division setup.  As of the writing of this email, there are currently 7 "A" division teams and 5 "B" division teams.  This makes running an "A/B" division setup where every team plays every other team extremely tough to schedule and manage.  The only way an "A/B" setup will work is if "A" teams *ONLY* play "A" teams and "B" teams *ONLY* play "B" teams.  Since a majority of captains in attendance said they want to play every other team at least once, the easiest way to run our season will be to create an "East/West" division structure based on the standings from last season.  Teams in each division will play each other twice, and will play two or three teams in the rival division.  This will create a competitive 12 or 13 game season with no need for double-headers or byes thrown into the mix.  This will also leave weeks open for us to have the first annual MCSHA All Star Skills Competition and Game somewhere around the mid-way point in the season.  I will ask a few of you to put your heads together and we can come up with some skills competitions and a way of creating an East vs West All Star game that we can repeat in years to come (a maximum of 2 or 3 selections from every team would make for an interesting game).  (Note: With the additional team this season, and with cutting *OUT* the bye week, we will be running 6 games every Sunday instead of 5.  Game times will either be 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1 or 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 - thoughts?)
  3. Playoff Eligibility - We discussed that we need to continue to have some rules surrounding Playoff eligibility, and that a set number of games should be attended in order to qualify for the post season.  Basing this decision on a 12 or 13 game season, I feel that each player should attend at least 1/3 of their team's games in order to be eligible for the playoffs.  In a 12 game season, you need to show up for at least 4 of your team's games.  With rain outs, snow cancellations, etc... if the season gets cut short, that same 1/3 of the games played needs to be followed.  If a player gets hurt and is unable to play, he still should make the effort to come to the rink, see me (or Harry Sr) to check in for his game - They need to make sure that they check in to get credit for the game.  If you have any questions, or if a player is too injured to visit the rink, please reach out to me and let me know.
  4. Rules Changes - High Stick (ball played with a high stick) - this will not be changed from how it is currently called.  High Stick (getting struck with a high stick) - This is completely referee's discretion, but Chris mentioned that if a player gets hit with a high stick during a follow-through (pass, shot, etc...) it is generally not a penalty - unless it is deemed to have been avoidable.  Make Up Saturday (setting aside one Saturday each month to make up cancelled games) - while a good idea, too many teams will miss a lot of players to institute this rule at this time (all of our games will still be played on Sunday mornings).  If we are cutting down the number of games being played to a more reasonable number, this should not be as much of a necessity.  Running clock - the clock will continue to stop during the final minute of the 1st and 2nd periods and the final 3 minutes of the 3rd period if the goal differential is 3 or less.  Icing (Hybrid Icing) - we discussed that we should change the icing rule during the final 3 minutes of a game where necessary to a hybrid icing rule giving the offensive team (team who shot the ball down the rink) the opportunity to play the ball.  This will be addressed on Sunday with whoever refs the summer game(s) and we will see if it is something that we want to continue to use in our regular season.
  5. Clean up - After each of your games, please see to it that your teams (at the very least) dump out and throw away the used water bottles so we're not leaving everything on the bench.
  6. Baseball Game - August 24, 2017 is Hockey Night at the ballpark.  I will have our tickets at the rink every Sunday until then for whoever wants to purchase tickets to this event.  If your team pays your league fee by our next meeting (August 22, 2017) the league will give you a case of hockey balls to use for warm-ups and 4 tickets to the baseball game for your sponsor (or to use how your team sees fit).
  7. Rulebook - I am in the process of putting together a few links to Dek Hockey rulebooks so our league can officially adopt one and have one on hand at the rink in case a question comes up for any rule that we do not have something specifically written for (example: ball stuck in the fence).
  8. Landscaping Partnership - Are there any landscapers in our league that we can partner with to get better snow / ice removal services for the rink?
If I left anything out, please let me know.  I will be reaching out to each captain individually in the next couple of weeks to talk about this, the upcoming season, and anything on your minds.
As always, if you have any questions please reach out and let Pete know - or come see him at the rink on Sunday morning.

League Meeting - 1/13/2016


Meeting Minutes – Wednesday January 13, 2016



  • Peter Anapol (Commissioner)
  • Harry Meeks, Sr (Senior Official)
  • Mark Odenheimer (Killarney’s Publick House)
  • Joe Tkaczuk (Wildflowers Too)
  • Jeremy Stout (Blend Bar & Bistro)
  • Eric Collins (Tilted Kilt Mustangs)
  • Eric Seckinger (Mighty Drunks)
  • Doug Pelcz (Texas Roadhouse Armadillos)
  • Brian Liss, Mike Tees (Vutt)
  • Brian McKinney (Beer Hockey Club)
  • Ryan Burger (Howarth Group/Anthony’s Pizza)

Teams Not Represented:

  • Marty’s Place
  • Freedom Mortgage Warriors

Item # 1

  • We received a “Thank You” letter from the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen regarding our Thanksgiving donation of $500.  This is the second year in a row that we have been able to do this and it can only get better next year.


Item # 2

  • We received our official notification of our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.  If any teams need an “official” receipt for their sponsor for tax purposes, please let me know and I can get one to you ASAP.


Item # 3

  • Hamilton Township Recreation Department change
    • Marty Flynn, who up until last week was the Hamilton Township Recreation Director has moved on to another position within Hamilton Township.  I have reached out to Nicole Zoeller (Recreation Department Admin) and will try to schedule a meeting with the new director and Marty Flynn so we can go over what we have already discussed (resurfacing of the rink, general improvements, what we are allowed to do to the rink – i.e. redo boards, move doors, etc…) and see what our schedule is for some of this to get done.

Item # 4

  • Playoff Scenarios
    • A Division
      • Round 1 of the playoffs will be a One Game “Play-In” game between the #4 and #5 seed.  The winner will move on and face the #1 seed the following weekend starting a Best of 3 game series.
    • B Division
      • As there are 6 teams, and each team is guaranteed at least ONE playoff game, the following scenarios were discussed and voted on:
        • Scenario #1: Drop the 6 seed and have continue the same way the A division is outlined above
        • Scenario #2: 5 Seed and 6 Seed play a Best of 3 game series, and 1 through 4 move right into the Playoffs
        • Scenario #3: Everybody is guaranteed at least one playoff game – 3 Seed v 6 Seed, 4 Seed v 5 Seed during the 1st week of playoffs, determining who moves on the following week.
          • Scenario 3 was voted in and Play-in weekend will feature the A division Play-In game (4 vs 5) and the B division Play-In games (3 v 6 and 4 v 5).  This way, no teams are forced to have to play a double-header.  A division 1 and 2 seed as well as B division 1, 2 and 3 seed have a 1st round “bye”
** A complete Playoff Schedule will be posted on the website and available closer to the end of the season **

Item # 5

  • Finances
    • We are currently in a good situation financially.  I will be purchasing additional “yellow” (cold weather) hockey balls and will be distributing them to the teams as they arrive.  Teams should not have to come to the official’s box before each game to ask for balls to practice with.  More often than I’d like, we lend a team 4 balls and get 2 back.

Item # 6

  • Referees
    • I will be having a discussion with Kevin to find out what the schedule is for the referees for the remaining three games on the regular season schedule as well as the playoffs.  We will be making a request that since the remaining games are all divisional, that we have the best refs available each week so there are no issues.  Please remember that regardless of who refs our games, not all calls will be seen/made even with the world’s best referees.
Takeaway - We will begin to look into replacing the shipping container that we currently pay $1,000/year for.  We may be able to get a larger container and save money in the long run.
Takeaway - During the off season we will look to replace each latch with Hockey-style latches to make the doors more secure.  Additionally, depending on our conversation with the township we will look to replace the current door configuration.


Meeting Minutes - 6/15/15

June 15, 2015 – 07:00 PM

Minutes for Mercer County Street Hockey Association


League Officers

Pete Anapol, Commissioner

Mark Saharic, Secretary

Eric Collins, Treasurer

Call to Order

A Post Season meeting of the Mercer County Street Hockey Association was held on June 15th, 2015 at Blend Bar and Bistro. It began at 7:00pm and was presided over by Pete Anapol, Commissioner, with Mark Saharic, as Secretary.



  • Pete Anapol, Killarney’s Publick House

  • Mark Saharic, Marty’s Place

  • Eric Collins, Tilted Kilt Mustangs

  • Harry Meeks Jr, Marty’s Place

  • Bryan Rock, Blend Bar and Bistro

  • Brian McKinney, Beer Hockey Club

  • Mark Odenheimer, Killarney’s Publick House


Teams in Good Standing(Per Article IV, Section 1)

  • Killarney’s Publick House

  • Marty’s Place

  • Tilted Kilt Mustangs

  • Blend Bar and Bistro

  • Beer Hockey Club

  • Wildflowers Too

  • Warriors


Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of the previous April 27th, 2015 meeting was made by Pete Anapol and seconded by Harry Meeks Jr.

Officers’ Report

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Eric Collins, the following was adopted or discussed.

  • No official report was discussed.


  • Congratulations to the winners of the 2014/2015 “A” division playoffs, Howarth Group/Anthony’s Pizza

  • Congratulations to the winners of the 2014/2015 “B” division playoffs, the Warriors

List of Motions

#1 - Closing of the 2014/2015 Season

  • Nothing to carry over from the previous season

  • Closing the books and all issues



#2 - Officier Voting

  • Eric Collins will resign from the Treasurer position and will be replaced by Harry Meeks Jr, August 2015

  • Pete Anapol will retain the Commissioner position

  • Mark Saharic will retain the Secretary position



#3 - Rule Change - Ball getting stuck in the fence/Or over the fence

  • The offensive team will gain the zone if the shot comes from inside of the red line

    • The pending faceoff will occur in the nearest faceoff dot from where the shot was taken, not including the center faceoff dot.

  • If the ball is shot over the fence without any deflection from a defensive player then the offensive team will not have the zone on the faceoff.

    • The pending faceoff will occur in the nearest faceoff dot from where the shot was taken, not including the center faceoff dot.



#4 - Rule Change - Stopping the clock during penalties

  • Both the game and penalty clock will stop for all stoppages during penalties

  • If there is a 5+ goal difference, by either team, the clock will continue to run during stoppages.

  • The player who committed the foul will be release as soon as the penalty time is up, they do not need to wait for a stoppage.



#5 - Changing the ball during the game

  • The home team choices which ball they would like to start the game off with

  • At the conclusion of the first period, the home team has the one time opportunity to change the ball. Once the second period begins, there will be no ball changes allowed.




Next Meeting Information

The next meeting will be hosted at The Tilted Kilt, on June 20th, 2015 at 7:00pm.

Meeting Minutes - 10/15/14

October 15, 2014 – 07:00 PM

Mercer County Street Hockey Association

Wildflowers Too


7:00pm - 10:00pm


Monthly Meeting


Commissioner - Pete Anapol

Secretary - Mark Saharic

Treasurer - Eric Collins

Attendance - Mark Odenheimer - Killarney's

Bryan Rock - Blend Bar and Bistro

Harry Meeks Jr - Marty's Place

Harry Meeks Sr - Director of Hockey Operations

Joe Tkaczuk - Wildflowers

Matt Torretta - Wildflowers

Brian McKinney - Beer HC

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes - Mark S, Pete



Suspensions from the Vutt vs Savoys Game on 10/12/14


Pete Anapol


Suspensions being dealt out

Jay Astbury - Savoys - (2) Games for Excessive Roughing, (1) Game extra Failing to adhere to official’s instruction

Drew Gehm - Vutt - (2) Games for Checking from Behind

Albert Sessa - Vutt - (2) Games for throwing a punch at another player

Pete will make an official statement to the league on the suspensions.





Toys for Tots Drive collected by the league


Pete Anapol


Collecting toys from the players for collection during our games on Sundays.

End date for 12/7/14





League Officer Positions


Eric Collins


The commissioner, secretary, and treasurer will be voted upon every year. There is no term limit set at this time. Terms will run from August 1st to August 1st of the following year. And at the first meeting directly following the playoffs ending, the league will vote for the league officer positions for the following year.





Definition of the Disciplinary Committee


Eric Collins, Harry Meeks Jr


The disciplinary committee which is made up of Harry Jr, Joe Tkaczuk, and Eric Collins will not make the final decision on any suspension, but assist the officials and the director game day operations (Harry Sr, or the individual subbing for him) on what the bylaws state for that particular situation and if applicable, any past suspensions (everyone has a clean slate of 2014) or issues with the players involved.

The officials and the director of game day operations will make the ruling on how the situation will be handled after gathering any and all input that is possible from individuals who were witnesses to the incident.




Host - Blend Bar and Bistro

Date - November 12th, 2014

Time - 7:00pm

Meeting Minutes - 9/17/14

September 17, 2014 – 07:00 PM

Mercer County Street Hockey Association

Dubh Linn Square



Last Pre-Season Meeting


Commissioner - Pete Anapol

Secretary - Mark Saharic

Treasurer - Eric Collins

Attendance - Joe Tkaczuk - Wildflowers

Andy Maybaum - Kills

Mark Odenheimer - Kills

Harry Meeks Jr - Marty's

Brian McKinney - Beer Hockey Club

Rob Clugsten - Beer Hockey Club

Robert Shagon - Dubh Linn Square

Eric Collins - Dubh Linn Square

Bryan Rock - Blend

George Stavrakis - Black Aces

Kurt Honeywell - Vutt

Kevin Magnin - Referee

Alex Szczepkowski - Referee


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes - Pete, Mark S



League requirement for gloves to be worn by all players.




As of September 17th, 2014, MCSHA now requires all players participating in live play to be wearing a pair of intact, purpose specific street hockey, ice hockey, or lacrosse gloves. The gloves will be deemed acceptable by the Referee(s) and/or the Director of Hockey Operations.





Court Maintenance


Mark O


Painting the lines on the court.

-Taking some money from the budget and paint the lines on the court since they were not repainted by the township. This will be performed on Saturday 9/20 around 10:00am, any and all volunteers welcome.

Purchasing ice melt bags

- Using the budget money to get some ice melt bags to keep in the conex box as inventory for the upcoming season.





“A” and “B” Championship Trophy




Purchasing two trophies, (“A” and “B” Champions) for roughly $200 each with nameplates to award to the winners of their respected bracket.

The winner of the trophy will hold on to it until the start of the following playoffs.

Once the new playoffs begin, the winning teams must return the trophy to the league before round one, game one.

If that team doesn't return the trophy before the start of the next playoffs they will forfeit all games until it is returned.





Thanksgiving Weekend Ironman Tourney




November 30th, 2014

Iron Turkey Tournament

One day, Random Draft Ironman tournament to raise money for the league.






Host - Wildflowers Too

Date - October 15th. 2014


Time - 7:00pm