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Tom Gresko (2019)

Tom Gresko was the founding member of the Mercer County Street Hockey League.  He organized the league in 1974, with games being played in Hamilton NJ, Hamilton Square NJ, Yardville NJ, Trenton NJ and Croydon PA.  Games were played in schoolyards that had enclosed playgrounds and tennis courts.  The rules followed the basic rules of the NHL, with checking and fighting both being allowed, and players serving the same penalties as in the NHL.  Tom’s love for hockey showed, as he served as both a player and commissioner for years.  It was Tom’s passion, and it was his vision that has allowed hundreds of players to participate in our league, which is still going strong almost 45 years later.  Tom put everything he had into making the league successful, and that was no easy task, as we often got thrown out of the school yards where we played by the police for balls going through school windows or neighbors complaining about noise and fighting.  After all he had done for the league, Tom had enough of the complaints and fighting, and would step away from the league in the mid 1980s.  He would return again as an official in the mid 2000s.



Although Tom passed away in 2013, his love and passion for the game lives on through the league, and through the people who knew him.

Dave Bercy (2019)

During a time where the Mercer County Street Hockey League was in limbo, in comes long standing player Dave Bercy.  Dave would take over the league and run it much the same way that Tom Gresko did before him.  Dave also saw a need for the league to become more “official” as he was able to secure permits for our league to play at the Bromley Tennis Courts.  He would continue to run the league from this location until the early 1990s when he took a break for health reasons.  After a two-year absence, he came back and took over and did a great job in turning around the league.  We started holding charity fund raisers and All-Star Games.  There was even talk of possibly relocating.  It was through Dave’s hard work and persistence that the hockey rink that we play in today was constructed in Hamilton Township’s Veteran’s Park in 2004.


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Frank Applegate (2019)

Bio is forthcoming

Pasquale "Lino" Creo (2019)

As a child, Lino attended St. Anthony's Grammar School and went on as a teenager to attend McCorristin Catholic High School where he played soccer all four years and was named team captain his senior year.


As an adult, Lino decided to serve the citizens of Trenton and in March of 1994, he graduated the Trenton Police Academy.


Lino had a passion for the game of street hockey. Known for his size, strength and goal scoring, Lino went on to be one of the best left wingers this area has ever seen. Nothing made him happier than playing with his friends for the Villa Park Stars in the Villa Park league and also the Bromley League.


Loving life and enjoying his youth, Lino loved nothing more than spending time with his family and friends. He was known for his wonderful smile, his larger than life personality, and the caring and respect he showed everyone he encountered. He left an imprint in the hearts of everyone he has ever met.



Teams Played For: Villa Park, Stormtroopers

Jeff "Head" McGlynn and John McGlynn (2019)

John and Jeff McGlynn started playing hockey in the Mercer County Street Hockey League (MCSHL) back in the mid 1970s.  They went on to become two of the best defensemen in league history.  They were able to play at a very competitive level for four decades.  Both left handed shooters, Johnny was known for his keen stick handling abilities and pinpoint wrist shot.  His brother Jeff (whom we gave the nickname “Head”) was known for his strong physical play and bullet-like slap shot.  He was a master at delivering a hip-check, which would be his trademark right up until the league abolished checking.  Both brothers won numerous championships throughout their careers, and both were multi-time All Stars.


Sadly, both brothers are no longer with us, but their dedication and contributions to the league will never fade.



Teams played for: The Rowdies, The Suns, Yardville, Italian People’s Bakery, Gershes Place, Stadium Bar, Monti’s, Peter’s Place Mustangs.

Harry Meeks Sr. (2019)

Harry Meeks Sr started playing ball hockey as a forward in the Mercer County Street Hockey league in 1979 for Bercy’s Towing. His street hockey career spanned 5 decades in various leagues – Mercer County, Cherry Hill PAL, SHBL, Woodhaven and Fox Chase.


He was fortunate enough to win many championships and capture many individual accomplishments and awards along the way.  He was blessed with some pretty good hands as a teenager, as he would practice religiously at trying to perfect his slap shot (which saved him a lot of running!).  He played the game hard, with a “Win at all costs” attitude, not caring about whether or not he would get hurt – and hurt he got!  Fractured bones, lost teeth, hip pointers, shoulder separations, a few concussions, and many (many) stitches.


About the halfway point of the 2011 season, Harry was sitting alone on the bench in between periods when he took a quick minute to reflect on his career, and just like that he walked away.  He didn’t even finish the game.  He’d finally come to the conclusion that he had nothing left, and that the physical pain would linger long after the game was over.  


He is very grateful to still be a big part of the Mercer County Street Hockey Association today, and to be able to watch his two sons carry on the Meeks hockey tradition.


In Harry’s own words “I have been truly blessed with the gift of hockey, but even more so with a family that’s supported me through it all.”


Teams Played For: Bercy’s Towing, Johnston’s Auto Body, Italian People’s Bakery, Stadium Bar, M&S Carpet Service, Meinekee Mufflers, Stormtroopers, Villa Park, Lushes, Gershes Place, Monkey Virus, Mustangs, The Stars, Monti’s, Wildflowers 2, Marty’s Place Bar & Grill  

Larry "Hipper" Pavlicheck (2019)

Bio is Forthcoming



These players will be inducted into the Mid Atlantic Ball Hockey Hall of Fame.  

The event will occur on April 27, 2019 @ Ramblewood Country Club in Mount Laurel, NJ.  A golf outing will also be held.  If you are interested in attending, please reach out to