Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sun9/16/20188:30 am F 0-1 District 5  John Casablancas Stonecutters   Veteran's Park
Sun9/16/20189:30 am F 1-4 Cray Electric  Blend Bar and Bistro   Veteran's Park
Sun9/16/201810:30 am F 1-3 Mustangs  Killarney's Publick House   Veteran's Park
Sun9/16/201811:30 am F 6-0 Tavern on the Lake  Warriors   Veteran's Park
Sun9/16/201812:30 pm F 0-8 Beer Hockey Club  Snakeheads   Veteran's Park
Sun9/23/20188:30 am TBPKillarney's Publick House  Snakeheads   Veteran's Park
Sun9/23/20189:30 am TBPMustangs  Warriors   Veteran's Park
Sun9/23/201811:30 am TBPBlend Bar and Bistro  John Casablancas Stonecutters   Veteran's Park
Sun9/30/20188:30 am TBPJohn Casablancas Stonecutters  Beer Hockey Club   Veteran's Park
Sun9/30/201810:30 am TBPTavern on the Lake  Mustangs   Veteran's Park
Sun9/30/201811:30 am TBPBlend Bar and Bistro  Snakeheads   Veteran's Park
Sun9/30/201812:30 pm TBPDistrict 5  Warriors   Veteran's Park
Sun10/7/20188:30 am TBPWarriors  Blend Bar and Bistro   Veteran's Park
Sun10/7/20189:30 am TBPSnakeheads  Tavern on the Lake   Veteran's Park
Sun10/7/201810:30 am TBPJohn Casablancas Stonecutters  Cray Electric   Veteran's Park
Sun10/7/201812:30 pm TBPMustangs  District 5   Veteran's Park
Sun10/21/20188:30 am TBPBlend Bar and Bistro  Mustangs   Veteran's Park
Sun10/21/201810:30 am TBPWarriors  Snakeheads   Veteran's Park
Sun10/21/201811:30 am TBPTavern on the Lake  John Casablancas Stonecutters   Veteran's Park
Sun10/28/20188:30 am TBPCray Electric  Warriors   Veteran's Park
Sun10/28/20189:30 am TBPSnakeheads  Mustangs   Veteran's Park
Sun10/28/201810:30 am TBPBeer Hockey Club  Blend Bar and Bistro   Veteran's Park
Sun10/28/201812:30 pm TBPJohn Casablancas Stonecutters  District 5   Veteran's Park
Sun11/4/20188:30 am TBPWarriors  Killarney's Publick House   Veteran's Park
Sun11/4/201810:30 am TBPBlend Bar and Bistro  District 5   Veteran's Park
Sun11/4/201811:30 am TBPSnakeheads  Cray Electric   Veteran's Park
Sun11/4/201812:30 pm TBPMustangs  John Casablancas Stonecutters   Veteran's Park
Sun11/11/20188:30 am TBPCray Electric  Mustangs   Veteran's Park
Sun11/11/201810:30 am TBPBeer Hockey Club  Warriors   Veteran's Park
Sun11/11/201811:30 am TBPJohn Casablancas Stonecutters  Snakeheads   Veteran's Park
Sun11/11/201812:30 pm TBPKillarney's Publick House  Blend Bar and Bistro   Veteran's Park
Sun11/18/20188:30 am TBPSnakeheads  Beer Hockey Club   Veteran's Park
Sun11/18/20189:30 am TBPWarriors  John Casablancas Stonecutters   Veteran's Park
Sun11/18/201810:30 am TBPKillarney's Publick House  Mustangs   Veteran's Park
Sun11/18/201812:30 pm TBPBlend Bar and Bistro  Tavern on the Lake   Veteran's Park
Sun12/2/20188:30 am TBPMustangs  Blend Bar and Bistro   Veteran's Park
Sun12/2/20189:30 am TBPJohn Casablancas Stonecutters  Killarney's Publick House   Veteran's Park
Sun12/2/201812:30 pm TBPSnakeheads  Warriors   Veteran's Park
Sun12/9/201810:30 am TBPJohn Casablancas Stonecutters  Blend Bar and Bistro   Veteran's Park
Sun12/9/201811:30 am TBPWarriors  Mustangs   Veteran's Park
Sun12/9/201812:30 pm TBPDistrict 5  Snakeheads   Veteran's Park
Sun12/16/20189:30 am TBPBlend Bar and Bistro  Warriors   Veteran's Park
Sun12/16/201810:30 am TBPSnakeheads  John Casablancas Stonecutters   Veteran's Park
Sun12/16/201811:30 am TBPMustangs  Beer Hockey Club   Veteran's Park
Sun12/23/20189:30 am TBPJohn Casablancas Stonecutters  Mustangs   Veteran's Park
Sun12/23/201810:30 am TBPSnakeheads  Blend Bar and Bistro   Veteran's Park
Sun12/23/201812:30 pm TBPWarriors  Tavern on the Lake   Veteran's Park
Sun12/30/20189:30 am TBPMustangs  Snakeheads   Veteran's Park
Sun12/30/201811:30 am TBPBlend Bar and Bistro  Cray Electric   Veteran's Park
Sun12/30/201812:30 pm TBPWarriors  John Casablancas Stonecutters   Veteran's Park

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CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
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