2015 Mayor's Cup Little League

Mayor's Cup Little League Tournament Schedule

South Side Park Field

Saturday  7/16

G-1 -  12:00am  -  Sq.Hill (W) vs B.Heights Red Sox (L-for.)

G-4  - 2:00pm  - South Side (L-3) vs Carrick Giants (W-16)

G-2  - 4:00pm - Brighton Heights Giants (W) vs Urban Impact (L)

G-5  - 6:00pm - Carrick Indians (W-13) vs Homewood (L-0)

G-3  - 8:00pm - Westwood (W-24) vs Carnegie (L-8)

Monday 7/18

G-6 -  6:15pm -Elliott vs W-G-1 Sq.hill

G-8 - 8:15pm - WHAA vs W-G-4 Carrick Giants

Tuesday 7/19

G-9 - 6:15pm - Brookline vs W-G-5 Carrick Indians

G-7 - 8:15pm - W-G-2 Brighton Heights Giantsvs W-G-3 Westwood

Friday 7/22

G-10 - 6:15pm - W-G-6 Sq. Hill vs W-G-7 Brighton Heights Giants

G-11 - 8:15pm - W-G-8 Carrick Giants vs W-G-9 Brookline

Thursday 7/28 - Championship Game PNC Park

G-12 - 4:00pm - W-G-10 Sq Hill vs W-G-11 Brookline       Winner Brookline 5-3.



2016 Colt Playoff

Colt - 1 -  (A)

Colt - 2 -  (B)

Top 4 teams from each section qualify

Games will be played at  Herschel Field
NOTE: Days, times and locations are subject to change.

Higher seed is home team


(G-1) Tues. 7/12 - 6:00pm - T-(1A) Carrick #1 (W-9) vs T-(4B) Carrick #2 (L-4)

(G-2) Wed. 7/13 - 6:00pm - T-(2B) 14th Ward (L-0) vs T-(3A) Brighton Heights (W-10)

(G-3) Wed. 7/13 - 8:30pm - T-(2A) Beechview  (W-5) vs T-(3B) McKeesport #2 (L-0)

(G-4) Thur. 7/14 -6:00pm - T-(1B) Sq.Hill (W-14) vs T-(4A) Elliott (L-4)

Fri. 7/15 6pm rain date / Saturday if needed

(G-5)Tues.  7/19 - 6:00pm - W - (G-1) Carrick #1 vs W- (G-2) Brighton Heights

(G-6) Tues. 7/19- 8:30pm - W -  (G-3) Beechview vs W - (G-4) Sq. Hill

Fri 7/22 / Sat. 7/23 rain date

(G-7) Fri. 7/29 - 6:30pm - PNC Park - Championship - W-G-5 Carrick #1 (W-17) vs W-G-6 Sq. Hill (L-8)

Congratulations to coach Dave Menosky and his Carrick #1 Colt team on a championship by beating Sq Hill 17-8. Congrats to both teams on very successful seasons


2016 Pony "AA" Playoffs

2016 Pony "AA" Playoffs


NOTE: Games will be played at  Natoli Field in Morningside. (Due to scheduling conflicts some games will be played at VOLUNTEER FIELD)
Higher seeded team will be home team.
NOTE: Days and times are subject to change.


(G-1) Wed. 7/13 - 6:15pm - T-4 - WHAA  (W-6) vs T-5 Brighton Heights (L-5) @ VOLUNTEER

Thurs./Fri rain day

(G-2) Wed. 7/13 - 8:30pm - - T-2 - 14th Ward  (W-6) vs T-7  McKeesport #2 (L-5) @ VOLUNTEER

(G-3) Sat. 7/16 - 5:00pm - T-1 -Carrick (W-7) vs T-8 Brookline (L-0) @ NATOLI FIELD

Sun. rain day

(G-4)  Sat. 7/16 - 7:30pm - T-3 - Greenfield 14 (L-4) vs T-6  McKeesport #1 (W-6) @ NATOLI FIELD

(G-5)Wed. 7/20 - 6:15pm - W-G-1 WHAA vs W-G-3 Carrick @ NATOLI FIELD

Thur. rain day

(G-6) Wed. 7/20 - 8:30pm - W-G-2 14th Ward vs W-G-4  McKeesport#1@ NATOLI FIELD

(G-7) Fri 7/29 PNC PARK - 4:00pm - Championship Game W (G-5) Carrick (W-10) vs (G-6) 14th Ward (L-6)

Congratulations to coach Dan Heinecke and his Carrick Pony AA team as they captured the pony championship with a close 10-6 win over 14th Ward. Congrats to both teams on a successful season




2016 SuperColt Playoffs

All games @ Herschel Field
NOTE: Days and times are subject to change.

Top six teams qualify


(G-1) -Mon. 7/18 - 6:00pm - T-4 South Side vs T-5 Brighton Heights
(G-2) -Mon. 7/18 - 8:30pm - T-3 WHAA vs T-6 Sheraden
If rained out games will move to Thurs 7/21and G-3 and G-4 will move to Saturday
(G-3) -Thurs. 7/21 - 6pm - T-1- Elliott vs W-(G-1) Brighton Heights
(G-4) -Thurs. 7/21 - 8:30pm - T-2 - McKeesport vs W-(G-2) WHAA
Rain date is Fri. 7/22 or Sat.7/23
(G-5) -Fri. 7/29- 9pm - Championship @  PNC Park  W-G-3 Elliott (L-3) vs W-G-4 McKeesport (W-8)
Congrats to coach Keith Schork and his Super Colt Champion team McKeesport.
Congrats to both teams on a successful season