Field Maintenance Tips

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How to properly maintain a field

August 4, 2010




Removing Puddles
It is suggested that you use "puddle pillows" and a mop bucket. Place the
puddle pillow in the middle of the puddle and let it absorb the water. Squeeze pillow through mop bucket ringer while applying other pillows. Repeat until there is no more water.
If you have field dirt or a clay mixture available, fill the area left behind by the puddle and rake in.
IF POSSIBLE, DO NOT SWEEP OUT THE PUDDLES WITH BROOMS – That will only cause more problems later. NEVER SWEEP THE WATER INTO THE OUTFIELD GRASS AREAS. This will cause humps along the grass line which hinder drainage. If you must sweep, always sweep the water in the direction of the pitchers mound.
If you sweep or rake any mud from the hole, let the mud dry and drag it back into the low spot.
The best way to remove the water is with a shop vac.This allows for less damage to the affected area and is the quickest way to get rid of the water.
If it is going to take more than four bags of field dry, you should postpone the game for another day.

Field Dragging

If you drag your field please do so responsibly. DO NOT use a heavy steel beam or a railroad tie. This will damage the field. Use a screen drag or a section of fence. Always start on the outer edge of the infield and move in a circular pattern towards the pitching mound. DO NOT drag over the pitching mound.
A good way to insure that holes do not develope at the bases or around home plate is to rake those areas after each game. This will help to redistribute the infield material back to those areas.