I would like to remind all of you about RESCHEDULING of games. If you want to reschedule a game that is already in the schedule, you MUST FIRST contact Joe or Michelle for our OK. Do NOT call your opponent, cancel with them and then call us.
We will not accept a request to reschedule a game if the request comes the same week that the game is scheduled. You are expected to play the games as scheduled. Try to consider that the monitors and umpires all schedule their week around your games and if you cancel, they do not get paid.
Remember, our schedule runs Monday through Sunday. If you want to ADD a game, we must have it by the Friday prior to the week you want to play. We schedule our umpires and monitors on Friday of each week.
Any questions please call us.

News and Notes


Just to verify.....
All players in the Pony and Colt divisions MUST play a minimum of 2 consecutive innings in the field AND receive one at bat BEFORE that player
can be substituted for. This includes starters.

Coaches, please remember, it is your responsibility to insure that your ROSTERED players play the minimum required games to insure that they are eligible to compete in the playoff games.

Please refer to and familiarize yourself with the new scheduling/rescheduling rules posted on this site.

There has been questions surrounding the "hit by pitch" rule. In the past we have used an "unwritten" rule that dictated that a pitcher must be removed if they hit 2 batters in an inning, or 3 in a game. After discussing this with the Executive Board, it was decided that since it was an "unwritten" rule, that we will discontinue applying it and instead refer to the High School rule(refer to 6-2, article #3). The High School rules allow for unlimited "hit" batters, except if the umpire feels it is intentional.

Rule clarification

If you choose to use an EH in your batting order, please remember that you are not allowed to replace that EH with a substitute. That player is to remain the EH for the entire game. If the EH must be removed from the batting order for any reason, that spot will be an automatic out the next time that spot comes up in the batting order and from then on in it will be by-passed.
Installing bases

Please insure that all pegs are either positioned directly under the base, or placed facing the outfield and/or the sidelines. This is to insure that a sliding runner does not slide into the metal pegs.