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We will be putting Baseball, Softball, and Soccer Teams together starting next week.  

VAA Baseball Rules

All rules below are still in effect for the 2017 season.

General Rules


 2015-2017 Pitching Rules  (See Summary image below)

** 2017 rules are the same as 2015 with the following exceptions:

* If a pitcher pitches 2 or more innings, he cannot catch the next inning (one inning of "arm rest" is required)

* If a catcher catches 2 or more innings, he cannot pitch the next inning (one inning of "arm rest" is required)

* The player can play another position for that inning of "arm rest".


Junior (7-8 yr. olds), Minors (9-10 yr. olds) and Intermediate (10-11 yr. olds) Rules

Majors (11-12 yr. olds) Rules

** 2016 rule updates for Majors:

No new inning is to be started after 1 hr and 45 minutes has elapsed from  the scheduled start time. Once an inning has been started it is to be completed if possible with no time limit. A 15 run rule will be implemented,if after 4 innings, a team is leading by 15 runs or more, the game will be stopped .

13-15 Year Old/Babe Ruth Rules 

* 2016/2017 rule updates for 13-15 Year Old/Babe Ruth:


No new inning may start after the 2 ¼ hour time limit has elapsed, once started the inning will be completed.  There will also be a 12 run rule implemented. If after 5 innings of play a team is ahead by 12 or more runs the game will be called.





VAA Basketball Rules