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Contact the appropriate Commissioner for questions.


Mike Venere - Quick Ball and Junior Baseball  Ages 4 to 8

Sean Ryan - Minors, Majors and Babe Ruth Ages 9 to 15

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This year we will be dividing our Quick Ball program

6 Yr Old  Born between  5-1-13  and 4-30-14

4 & 5 Yr Old Born between 5-1-14 and  4-30-16

A Letter From Quickball


Hello Parents & Coaches!

     Let us first start by saying that we at USA Quickball are thrilled with how well USA
Quickball has been received by you, your children and the leagues you represent. We truly
feel that USA Quickball can change the way your athletes learn the game and thus impacting
their skill development in the future.

     In our first year, we had approximately 350 athletes participate in Quickball!! In year
number 5 we anticipate having nearly 4500 players. With such a large and amazing number of participants come parents, family members and supporters with cameras and cell phones. Going forward, any pictures or videos that are posted to Facebook or any other social media outlet, we ask that you tag/mention USA Quickball and also use our hash tag #usaquickball.  This will allow your pictures to be associated with our social media page and also give people visiting our page a chance to see Quickball through your eyes. Our ultimate goal is to build a Quickball community.

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact:

Shannon Gunby: shannon@usaquickball.com

Frank Decembrino: frank@usaquickball.com


Facebook: USA Quickball
Twitter & Instagram: @usa_quickball


www.usaquickball.com         Youtube:usaquickball            Vimeo: USAQuickball         
Twitter: @USA_QUICKBALL      FaceBook: USAQuickball       Intstagram: USA_QUICKBALL



Introducing Quickball


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6U Informational Video: Click Here