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  • Zone 8 and 10 Softball Ontario Umpires Website - Umpire Tools

    The Zone 8 and 10 website contains additional information and training tools. Browse through the variety of training tools and educational materials.

  • Approved Bat List
    Amateur Softball Association (ASA) approved bat list

    Softball Canada follows the ASA Bat Standard for certification and testing.

  • Non-Appproved Bat List
    ASA non-approved bat list

  • ISF Approved Bat List

    International Softball Federation (ISF) approved bat list.

  • ISF Rules and Standards

    A complete list of all the International Softball Federation (ISF) rules and standards including the ISF Constitution, Technical Code, Playing Rules and Certified Bats.

  • ISC Pitching Rule
    Page 151 of the ISC Guidebook.

  • Cactus Umpires Website

    An American based site that gives insight to different ways of learning. Check out their training slideshows but remember to refer to your Softball Canada rule book and mechanics guidelines.

  • Softball Canada Newsletters and Publications

    Our National governing body produces periodic newsletters for the sport of softball.

    View new and archived versions of Around the Horn, Between the Lines and other valuable publications.

  • Eastern Ontario Fastball Blog

    A blog dedicated to news about the Greater Ottawa Fastball League and other happenings in the world of fastball in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, with occasional stories featuring Mrs. Fitzroy Fastball, Fitzroy Fastball Junior and the Caveman.

    If you have info to send on, send an email to fastball[at]

    You can also follow fitzroyfastball on Twitter.