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The objectives of the Eastern Ontario Umpire Association (EOUA) are:

  • to provide quality umpires to softball leagues throughout the National Capital area and its surroundings;
  • to promote the development of umpires by encouraging their participation in the programs of Softball Canada and Softball Ontario and
  • to encourage good fellowship among members of the association and others interested in umpiring.

If you are interested in becoming a Softball (Fast Pitch or Slo-Pitch) umpire in the Eastern Ontario region please contact one of our Board of Directors to find out more about our association.

Please browse our website and if you have any feedback please make use of the "CONTACT US" button on the bottom right each page.

Here is a brief description of our website and some of the specific (dedicated) webpages.

The Board of Directors webpage will provide you with a current list of our directors and their contact information.

Be sure to check out the Bulletin Board for various articles about the EOUA and it's members. The Bulletin Board is divided into a number of sections; each with articles relevant to a specific category.  So be sure to check out each board to ensure you benefit from ALL the VALUABLE articles by selecting each category in the drop-down list just above our logo. 


  1. Current Bulletins - articles relevant to the current softball season or still of value
  2. Local League Rule Changes - each year the leagues that we service may change some of there local rules it is therefore important to check this page frequently
  3. Mentor Program (EOUA) - our association offers a Mentor Program to assist new and veteran officials; check out the bulletin board dedicated to this valuable program
  4. Previous Bulletins - articles that have been posted in previous years but are still relevant (i.e NOT Archived)
  5. Tips and Tricks - articles relevant to both the games of Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch, such as RulesGuidelines as well as Umpire Mechanics that will help you both on and off the diamond.


The Calendar will provide you with relevant information related to upcoming events, such as meetings, clinics and social events.

The Handouts section contains our "How To" manual and Rules specific to the leagues we officiate.

The Links - Training, Bat Lists and Other webpage will offer additional information via other websites, such as Softball Canada, Softball Ontario, or various International sites that are of benefit due to the affiliation with our Canadian governing bodies.

In the For Sale section of our website you will be able to place an 'ad' for new or used equipment.  PLEASE SEND IN YOUR ARTICLES ALONG WITH A PICTURE AND CONTACT INFO.  To post your ad simply send an email with all the details to our webmaster at: virgonomic [at] gmail [dot] com

The Awards and Photo Albums is somewhat self-explanatory but please recognize there are multiple photo albums so be sure to check each album so you do not miss out on candid shoots related to each award or event.


The EOUA Umpire Manual


Here it is!  Your "How To" Guide to be an effective official with the EOUA.

The intent of this handbook is to provide both new and veteran officials with some insights into the Eastern Ontario Umpire Association (EOUA), background information with respect to the governing bodies, Softball Canada and Softball Ontario and more importantly ‘welcome’ you to the EOUA.

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Respect My Game


“To educate stakeholders in softball, thereby creating awareness of abuse in the game and building mutual respect among its participants, while introducing zero tolerance policies to reduce abusive situations at all levels in all components of the game, thus reversing the decline in leadership roles within the sport.”


Respect My Game Philosophy 

We stand alongside all stakeholders of Softball as partners on the same side, working in concert with them to provide a positive Softball experience.

This philosophy encompasses a belief that, by working together with athletes, coaches, officials and spectators, we can impact our sports experience in a positive way.

The Respect My Game Program believes:

  • That competition should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship, and promote the development of good character and other important life skills
  • That the highest potential of Softball is achieved when all the participants are committed to the following core principles:
    • Trustworthiness involves integrity and honesty
    • Respect is what we show each other through sportsmanship
    • Responsibility is being accountable and prepared
    • Fairness is making sure that everyone competes honourably
    • Caring is showing compassion for each person’s role
    • Civility is having consideration for others while playing the game
  • That by setting high standards of excellence for our own performance on the athletic stage, our sport can model the same pillars of character that we ask others to model

For further information on the Respect My Game Program please check out the link in our menu bar or follow: