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What others are saying about 3v3 Soccer...

Jeff H, a parent/coach from Ross, Ohio writes:
"Concepts learned in 3v3 are definitely transferable to 6v6 or 8v8 play, whether it’s ball skill or strategy. We will continue to play 3v3 this year and look forward to a great summer."

John S (parent and coach) from Hamilton:
"Summer 3v3 leagues and tournaments are the perfect way to improve your players' skills and cardio in between seasons. The fast pace of the game allows your player a lot of touches on the ball and improves their first touch. The opportunity for a high number of shots will improve, 3v3 games are fun!"

Gerald R (parent) from Cincinnati wrote this about 3v3 with his daughter's team:
"Playing 3v3 soccer allows players do develop their skill set on a smaller field in tighter spaces. It forces the player to make quicker decisions with the ball, develop the proper touch to keep the ball close and find the angles for passing lanes."

Jeff H, parent /coach from Ross, Ohio adds:
"Playing 3v3 in the league gave our group an opportunity to practice ball skills that were learned in practices in the spring or in one-on-one training. Kids were encouraged to experiment and take chances.

The quantity of touches on the ball is huge as far as their development. In one evening of 3v3, each player could get as many touches as they would in a month of regular season games.

We used the league to build for the weekend tournaments, which as you know can be intense. Once again, though, what better way to develop the kids than playing numerous games.

We typically registered our kids in our age group and one age up so they could experience success and be challenged. The more they played, the easier it became to win their age level and frankly dominate their age level....

Finally, we concluded the season with a national tournament in Florida. Unbelievable competition, but we were able to beat the best Indianapolis team in our bracket play."