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Cincy 3v3 League - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about 3v3...

What is 3v3 soccer, how is it played?

3v3 is a small-sided game of soccer where 3 players are on a small field (20X30 yards for U6-U8, and 30X40 yards for everybody else) against 3 other players. This allows for many touches on the ball, as each player is 33% of the team on the field. Games are 24 mins long and tend to be fast-paced with lots of excitement and is great for helping to develop players.

Why should my player / team get involved with 3v3?

It's no secret that small-sided games improve a player's soccer skills by increasing their opportunities to play the ball and interact with their teammates. Since players play both offense and defense on the small field, 3v3 allows players to discover new aspects of the game while enjoying more action.
Most teams see immediate results over the summer by playing 3v3 as their players keep up on their conditioning, hone the "touch" on the ball and keep their skills sharp.
Click HERE to read testimonials from other parents / coaches.

Has anyone ever done a 3v3 League before?

The initial pilot league was organized in the summer of 2009 at Miami Whitewater park (then called the "Hat_Tricks_3v3 League"). Even in its first year, the league attracted many area teams and introduced quite a few players to the fun / challenge of 3v3 soccer.

Who are the organizers of Cincy 3v3?

The Cincy3v3 organization is made up of Cincinnati area select soccer parents and coaches. The Cincy3v3 League was created as a fundraiser that provides developmental soccer training and competition to area youth teams.

Who can play in the Cincy 3v3 league?

Registration for the Cincy3v3 Leagues is open to all teams from ages 6 to 18, male and female. Both recreational (SAY) and Select teams are welcome and encouraged. We aim to try to provide an opportunity for everyone to play competitive / challenging games of 3v3 soccer.

How are the National 3v3 series organized?

Cincy3v3 provides local 3v3 playing opportunities for youth teams in the Cincinnati area, however there are several national 3v3 series that host events in our area. There will be dates throughout the summer that give teams plenty of time to qualify for other regional / national events in the series.
KickIt 3v3 
3v3 Live 


Specifics about the upcoming 2018 season:

When will the 2018 season of the Cincy 3v3 League take place?

The 2018 season will consist of 10 games played over 5 weeks from mid-June to late-July at Joyce Park in Fairfield.  Events will be held on Mondays on the following dates in 2018:

Week 1:  Monday, June 18th

Week 2:  Monday, June 25th

Week 3:  Monday, July 2nd

Week 4:  Monday, July 9th

Week 5:  Monday, July 16th

We also reserve an alternate / rainout night just in case.  This year, that date is (to be announced)

Kickoff times are normally from 6:00pm - 8:00pm on event nights (although we have used 8:30 slots occasionally as daylight permits). Teams / players should make an effort to be available for the entire period in case scheduling flexibility is needed.

Games consist of two 12 minute halves and a short halftime.


How much does the Cincy 3v3 League cost?

Team entry fees for a single team for the 2018 season are still  $275

Team fee includes all ref fees and a t-shirt for up to 6 rostered players.   We require a $100 deposit by June 10th, 2018 to hold your team's spot in the league.  We reserve the right to cancel registrations if the deposit is not paid by this date.


How much are ref fees?

Ref fees are included in the team entry fees. We take care of the refs...your team just shows up to play the games!


Do we need a licensed / carded coach?

Cincy 3v3 does not require licensed coaches, in fact most teams are coached by trainers or enthusiastic parents.  Starting in 2015, we do require that one adult responsible for the team have proof of the CDC or NFHS concussion training certification (cert must be submitted to HQ).  This can be done in a few minutes online.


My player doesn't have a team, can I register a single player?

Currently, we're only accepting team registrations.  We can take names of interested players in case we're approached by teams looking for players, but we cannot guarantee placement.


How do I register my team?

You can register your team online here at this site starting May 1, 2018.. Look for the registration link at the left. Team registrations will close early June 10, 2018 at midnight.  We cannot guarantee spots in the league for any entries made after this date.


How do I pay for my team?

We can currently accept the following forms of payment:
1. Checks made out to Cincy3v3 (either mailed to the address below or handed in at the event)

2. Online payment (via credit card) during the online registration process checkout. 
Online credit cards are processed through PayPal but do not require an active PayPal account (you can pay as a "guest" with MC,Visa, Discover). Online credit card payments of this type are handled through the electronic "checkout" after team registration on this site.

3. PayPal payments (sent directly using your existing PayPal acct).
Paypal is a third party payment site that requires an account with their system. Essentially, they verify your identity and bank account/credit card then route money to vendors / service providers (like us) for a small fee.

Check payments can be sent to:
Cincy 3v3 
7262 Bannerwood Drive 
West Chester, OH 45069 


I just registered my team, what happens next?

After registration is completed online, please remember to send in your deposit (or full fees) by the registration deadline (midnight June 4, 2017). We'll be sending you more information about the first night via email. 
To get ready for the league, please download and complete the following documents that are due the first night of competition:

  • Official team roster 
  • CDC or NFHS Concussion certificate for one coach / parent / adult responsible for the team (training done online)
  • Waiver forms  (signature needed for each player on your team, including subs) 

There are spots for 6 players on the roster and waiver. If additional players are to be participating, please use the supplemental roster form and additional waiver sheets. Any player participating in the league must be represented on a roster / waiver sheet turned into Cincy 3v3 HQ.


When do we get our league t-shirts?

 Each player on a rostered team (up to 6, additionals are available for order) will receive a Cincy3v3 t-shirt with their registration.  Shirt sizes are due along with team paperwork (the first night of competition) and the shirts normally arrive by the third or fourth week of competition.    

For game play, most teams wear the same colored shirts of their choosing (or jerseys if they have them) and also bring a spare color (like black or white) in case of conflicts. 


Can we pick the color of our Cincy 3v3 league t-shirts?

All teams participating in the Cincy 3v3 league that have paid in full will receive up a league shirt (one for each rostered player - max of 6).  The design and color of the shirts will be the same for all participants.  These are normally distributed by the 4th week's event.  


When will the weekly game schedules be available?

Schedules are drawn up based on event results each week. This allows us to move teams around to provide the best competition possible for development. 
In many indoor / outdoor leagues teams are grouped together at the beginning of the session and the schedule is set in stone. This doesn't allow for flexibility, variety or "tweaking" of the schedule to allow for competition. We want our teams to be challenged each week, so we review all game results and make adjustments for every event.

This approach means more work for the organizers, but translates into a much better experience for the teams and players.

Cincy 3v3 will make every effort to have the weekly schedules released on the website by the Friday prior to each event (held on Monday nights).


We want more games. Can I register more than one team?

Cincy 3v3 is all about development and touches on the ball, however due to scheduling constraints, we can no longer accept more than one registration for a team with the same roster of players. 
Players can certainly play on appear on more than one team / roster, but it's proven to be exceptionally difficult to find non-conflicting game times for two teams that use all the same players. As a result, no two teams may share more than 3 rostered players.


What if our team can't play a scheduled game?

In the event that circumstances prevent a team from playing a scheduled game / event night, PLEASE make every effort to let us know as much in advance as possible.

If at all possible, teams should seek to find subs (who should appear on the roster and waiver) and play all games as scheduled, however, once the schedule is published and if we have sufficient notice (at least 24 hours), we may be able to adjust the schedule.

If Cincy 3v3 is not notified in time or if this is not possible due to scheduling constraints, we will offer the slot to another team as a scrimmage. In this situation, we will not be able to offer a make up game to the original team.


Where are the game results posted each week?

Although we do use game cards / results to help determine the scheduled matches each week, we do not post the game results to the public.   Cincy3v3 was founded on the idea that short sided soccer is a development tool and playing opportunity for players.  In that spirit, we do not post results, scores or standings after each event like you would see in a tournament.  


Do you offer trophies for the winners?

Cincy3v3 was founded on the idea that short sided soccer is a development tool and playing opportunity for players.  In that spirit, we do not post results, scores or standings after each event.   Each player rostered (up to 6) receives a t-shirt for playing in the league.  These normally are delivered by the 3rd or 4th week of competition.  


Can we skip an event and have our games rescheduled during the remaining events?

Some teams have asked if it's possible to skip an entire week and then have those two games rescheduled during the course of the regular event schedule (the remaining 4 weeks).  Unfortunately, with our field setup, ref arrangements and scheduling constraints, it's not possible to allow teams to play more than two regular games per night (unless a whole event is delayed / cancelled due to weather).  

If a team cannot play an entire week and we know in advance, we will either offer those games as scrimmages to the remaining teams or leave the original team off the schedule (if possible, depending on the brackets and pairings).


Where can I find the rules for the league?

Rules can be found online by going to the "League Info" portion of this site and selecting the "Rules" category or by clicking here


What documents do I need for the team?

Each team must submit a completed paper version of the Official Cincy3v3 roster and also the signed waiver form with a parent/guardian signature for each player.  Starting in 2015, each team must also submit a concussion training certificate for one coach/parent/responsible adult that will represent the team.

These forms are available on this site in the "Documents" section as pdf files and can be turned in the first night of competition. All players participating in league games must be represented on the roster and waiver form.


What are the date cutoffs for the age groups?

Cincy 3v3 follows Birth Year Changes adopted by US Soccer, USYS and most state soccer associations.  Per these rules, age divisions are now separated by birth year*.

*Not all age groups may be represented in the league or some teams may be combined with other groups to allow for competitive schedules.


How do I complete a roster for my team?

The Official 3v3 Roster is available as a pdf file in the "documents" section of this site along with the team waiver. You'll need to print a copy of these forms and fill them out on paper. All players participating in league games must be represented on the roster and waiver form. Both of these documents must be completed with signatures and submitted by the night of the first games.


What happens if there aren't enough teams in a specific division to hold games?

We will try to match competition levels to guarantee participation. Sometimes it's possible to mix gender groups and play games across age levels to provide for a competitive environment. 
If it turns out that we cannot offer games for a specific division due to lack of registration, we will refund team fees* to the teams involved.

*If fees are paid online via paypal, some service fees may not be possible to be refunded


How can I contact the league in case of issues prior to an event?

The Cincy 3v3 crew (organizers) can be reached through email at in case of concerns or issues. We're pretty good at keeping an eye on our inbox. If you'd like a call back, just be sure to include your contact info.


How will the league contact your team in case of weather issues?

Cincy 3v3 will mainly communicate with league teams via email to the coach and registered email addresses we're given during registration, however in case of bad weather we also use a "robo-call" system that can alert team coaches / admins about conditions.  This is included in the team fees and we use the phone numbers provided to us during registration.   

When weather threatens, we try to make it to the fields early to evaluate conditions and release information to the teams in a timely basis so they can make decisions about transportation, etc.


My business is interested in helping to sponsor the league, how can we go about doing that?

Please contact the the Cincy 3v3 league organizers through email at in order to get full sponsorship information. Fancy your name on our shirts or on our field banners? Let us know!

Have more questions? Feel free to send us an email at!