Scott Scorpion Cheerleading
REGISTRATIONS FOR 2018 are now CLOSED.  Please check back with us in 2020 and please sign up early.
Please contact Beth Schrum with questions at 804-638-8174
(call or text message).
Cheer Practices will begin 7/30/2019 and will be held on every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6pm-8pm at POINT OF ROCKS PARK.
Until otherwise instructed, Flag and Minor levels will practice together and Junior and Senior levels will practice together.
Mandatory Cheer Parent meeting on August 7th, 2019 at Elizabeth Davis Middle practice location at 7:30pm.
NOTE - anyone signing up after June cannot be guaranteed a perfectly fitting cheer uniform as we cannot order uniforms after July 1 and be assured they will be shipped in time for games starting.  We have an inventory of uniforms for our girls to use, but cannot order custom or unusual sizes.

Welcome to our Scorpion Cheerleading Page!
The 2019 Scott Scorpions cheerleading organization is divided into 4 age groups:
FLAG (5-7)
MINOR (8-9)
JUNIOR (10-11)
SENIOR (12-14)


Birth Certificate: We must have a copy of the participant’s birth certificate on file. Please have your insurance information available at registration.

Scott Scorpions cheer under the rules and regulations of the Chesterfield Cheerleading League. (CCL)  Please see their website at for information and policies/rules.

In October times may be adjusted due to darkness until we go inside.

Also in late September or early October competition cheerleaders may discuss adding time to practices or even an extra practice on Sunday afternoons.


Parents and Competition Cheerleaders: Cheerleaders are not allowed to miss more than 2 practices and 1 game after the beginning of school. Attending all the competitions for your squad is also mandatory, if you choose to compete. Any other absences will require a Dr’s note or a valid reason that has been discussed with the Directors and Head Coach. If more than the allowed is missed, without valid reasoning, then you will be removed from the competition squad and will cheer games only. No refunds will be given. Once we have started practicing and competitions are discussed, parents and competition cheerleaders will need to sign the Competition Commitment form.

 Fittings for uniforms will be held on a later date, which is to be determined.

Here are some fun facts about Cheerleading 

There are at least six million cheerleaders across 38 countries world-wide. Squads are supporting sports teams and schools in :- America; Australia; Austria; Balarus; Belgium; Brazil; Canada; Chile; Columbia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Czech Republic; Denmark; England; Finland; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Mexico;  Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway;  Panama; Poland; Russia; Scotland; Singapore; Slovenia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Ukraine and Wales.

A Century Of Cheerleading
Cheerleading is almost 100 years old!   Johnny Campbell lead the first cheerleaders at a MinnesotaUniversity  American football game on November 2, 1898.  Originally cheerleaders were all men.  It was not until the 1920's that women became involved. Paper poms were introduced in the 1930's and the modern vinyl pom was invented by Fred Gastoff around 1965.

Cheerleaders Are Athletes
Cheerleading involves
cheers, chants, jumps, dance, tumbling, gymnastics, partner stuntsand pyramid building.  Cheerleaders are not just dance entertainers at games, they have to master difficult and demanding athletic techniques and be effective crowd leaders, often training longer hours than the players they cheer for.  During a typical gridiron game players may get breaks, but cheerleaders go flat out for three and a half hours in all weathers.

Famous Cheerleaders
Many famous and talented people were cheerleaders.  Former US
President Dwight D. Eisenhower; actors Jimmy Stewartand Kirk Douglas; actresses Meyrl Streep, Raquel Welch, Cybil Sheppardand Terri Hatcher.

Competitive Cheerleading 
Already accepted as an
athletic discipline in its own right in many countries, international cheerleading championships have up to 210 squads competing and attract over 12,000 cheerleaders family and friends.  Some are televised on Prime Time sports channels.  With a regular schedule of regional state and national competitions across America cheerleading could arguably be considered a fully fledged sport.

Cheerleading 'Stats up
97%of all cheerleaders are female, however almost 50% of collegiate cheerleaders are male.  12%of cheerleaders are aged 5 to 13 years, and 12%are dancers.  The largest growth area is Juniors.  83% in school squads hold leadership positions in school organisations, and 83% have 'B' grades or better.  62% are involved in a second sport.  (American Sports Data Inc.)