A UNANIMOUS vote by the Football League this past winter has returned Enon to its "OPEN" status.  In addition, the league just informed us this month that Marguerite Christian will not be forming football teams for 2019....... So, you can play for Scott Football without having to get a loan or a waiver!  GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!  Please email us at webmaster@scottscorpions.org if you have any questions! 


PRACTICES BEGIN SATURDAY 8/3/2019 (time 9:30am-11am)

Regular Practices will be M-Th from 6:30-8:00pm until school starts.  Then the time shifts from 6:00-7:30pm.

All practices will be at POINT OF ROCKS PARK!




The Scott Athletic Association, Inc. normally offers football programs for all four levels of youth football as members of the Chesterfield Quarterback League! 

For 2019 our teams are:

FLAG(5*-7yrs) - Head Coach Robert Gay, Jr.
MINOR(8-9yrs) - Head Coach David Mann
JUNIOR(10-11yrs) - Head Coach Brian Foutz
                                                (assisted by Haskell Goodman)
SENIOR(12-14yrs) - Head Coach David Dubberly
*limited space available for 5-yr olds and all 5-yr olds MUST reside in Scott Elementary School Zone
Practices times or locations are subject to change due to school conflicts or coaching conflicts.  Stay tuned to website and please register your email to ensure you receive timely updates!

Scott Scorpions Youth Football Core Values

As a part of the Chesterfield Quarterback League, The Scott Scorpions program will provide children ages 5 to 14 the opportunity to play organized football. The program will emphasize the following core values:

Learning the fundamentals of football in a safe environment

Character Development
Playing as a team



Heart, Hustle, & Humility

The Scott Scorpions football program has three pillars: Heart, Hustle, & Humility. Our Youth Football program is comprised of many dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to provide a safe and fun environment for our youth. The following describes each component as it applies to our youth football program:

Heart: A player with heart is devoted to the team and its goals. The player responds with a determination that strengthens the team, particularly when things are tough.  (The opposite of this is the player that thinks he should play just because he is there).

Hustle: A player that hustles is always giving the highest level of effort on the field of play. Hustle involves performing even the smallest of details with enthusiasm.  (The opposite of this is the player that misses practices, goofs off in practice, or does not give 100%).

Humility: A player with humility is modest and views the opposing players as worthy of their absolute best effort and complete concentration.  (The opposite of this is the player that thinks he is THE BEST).