Code of Conduct

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To ensure that every child has an enjoyable time and that our league continues to be a success, the TMSA has established the following code of conduct.

When children enroll in minor sports, the goals are to have fun and to learn what a 'team' is all about.  

We get there by providing a friendly soccer environment with equal playing time, and allowing the kids to learn the game naturally.  Children do this by improving their skills and figuring out how to play the game at their own pace, alongside their friends. 


1. We ask each family for 30 minutes of volunteer time to the TMSA.

2. Remember that children should play for their enjoyment - not yours.

3. Show your appreciation for the volunteer coaches and officials.

4. Always set a good example of fair play.

5. Applaud all good plays.

6. Never make your child feel guilty for losing the game; it’s only a game.

7. Try to know the game and understand the rules.

8. Never ridicule a child for making an error on the field.

9. Never undermine the coaches’ authority in front of the team.

10. Remember that aggressive behavior can lead to violence.

11. Remember that referees are empowered to eject abusive players, parents, coaches, and spectators.

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