For Safety Reasons

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  • Children must wear properly fitting cleats and shoelaces should be tightly tied.
  • Be sure your child wears their assigned team jersey to all games. (Jersey may be worn over other clothes but must always be visible and tucked in shorts)
  • Shin guards are mandatory for all games and practices. Socks must be worn over shin guards.  Please connect with someone on the TMSA Committee if you don't have any, as there are some items in the donation bin in the soccer shed.
  • All long hair must be tied back during games and practices. Jewelry and watches may not be worn during games or practices. (Note: If jewelry cannot be removed, for example newly pierced ears, the item must be taped.)
  • Children wearing any cast or brace will not be allowed to play in games/scrimmages.
  • Parents must sit on opposite side of the field from the children and at least 3 feet from the sidelines. No parent is allowed to sit behind the goal or behind teams during play.
  • Only players, coaches and referees are allowed on the playing fields.
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