1.The purpose of the Vintage Federation shall be to promote and foster wholesome, friendly competition in the game of baseball. Tournament play is to be conducted in the context of goodwill, co-operation and friendly rivalry.

2.The name of the organization shall be the Vintage Baseball Federation of Ontario Inc.

3.Membership in the Vintage Baseball Federation shall be comprised of such clubs as are prepared to comply with the Constitution, The Playing Rules and Guidelines, and who register with the Vintage Baseball Federation.

4.(a) Teams from outside the province of Ontario must apply annually, prior to the spring Federation Council meeting, to be admitted as associate members.

5.(a) The Federation Council shall be appointed annually at the fall organizational meeting, consisting of:
President - to be elected/re-elected for a two year period
Vice President - to be elected/re-elected for a two year period
Secretary - to be appointed
Commissioner - to be appointed
Promotions/publicity - to be elected/re-elected for a four year period
Masters Coordinator - to be elected/re-elected for a four year period
Councilors - (8) to be elected/re-elected for a two year period

Central (2) Southern (2) Eastern (2) Western (2)

(b) Federation meetings will be held twice each year
• the Annual Meeting in November
• the Federation Council Meeting in late April or early May

6.That a representative of the V.B.F. attend the O.B.A annual fall conference to provide a liaison and continuity and co-operation between the two organizations.

7.The Council shall:

(a) have control over the affairs of the organization
(b) conduct an annual meeting prior to each playing season
(c) communicate and negotiate for the V.B.F. with other agencies
(d) manage the finances of the organization

8.(a) A schedule of Tournament dates shall be established at the annual meeting for the coming year.
(b) Masters Competition - to offset the age and performance differential that has developed in the V.B.F. over the last several years, it is essential that another level of competition be provided for V.B.F. members. Existing Championship and Invitational Tournaments will be continued to provide good competitive games for all teams, but, in addition, one MASTERS Tournament will be conducted by the V.B.F. each year, under the following guidelines: 1.the V.B.F. Masters Tournament is to be held annually in a central location in the province
2.the Tournament should be scheduled as to not interfere with the regular tournaments and should be held on the a weekend in July or August
3.players must have reached their 45th year to be eligible to play in a masters tournament
4.smaller centers may be permitted to draw carded players from neighbouring teams to enter a competitive team in the masters tournament
5.that a pitcher is entitles to pitch six (6) outs. If removed from the mound, the pitcher may not return to pitch in that game

9.Individual tournaments are the responsibility of the host team; any protests, complaints or appeals developing out of tournament play shall be dealt with by the tournament chairman and the tournament committee hosting the competition.

10.All teams competing in tournament play shall have registered with the V.B.F. and will comply with the general statement of tournament rules recorded in the Playing Rules and Guidelines.

11.(a) Federation registration fees shall be $100.00 per year, which shall include subscriptions to the Newsletter. the deadline for payment of the fees shall be May 1st of the playing year. If paid after May 1st, the amount is then $150.00. Late registration fees must be paid before the team competes in any approved V.B.F. tournaments. Cheques are to be made payable to the Vintage Baseball Federation and forwarded to the office of the Commissioner, along with a Player list. An updated list of teams registered with the V.B.F. may be made available to tournament chairmen, upon request.
(b) Each team registered with the V.B.F. must post a $225.00 performance bond annually. this bond may be either returned to each team at the end of each year, or retained by the office of the Commissioner, for the following year.
(c) The loss of the performance bond will occur, either in part or in full, depending on the circumstances, if a team defaults one or more games in a tournament.
(d) For each game defaulted in a tournament, the offending team shall reimburse the sum of $75.00 to the V.B.F.
(e) the V.B.F. must be fully reimbursed before the offending team participates in any further tournaments.

12. Any member in good standing can suggest a Rule Change, but only after submitting it in writing tot he Executive, for appearance on the Agenda, 30 days prior to the Annual meeting.

Updated: April 27th, 2012