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Criteria for Nomination


Wall (Record) of Fame

  1. The Wall will reside in the home Division of the President during his tenure.
  2. Responsibility for maintaining the Wall of Fame shall rest with the Commissioner.
  3. Nominations may be made prior to each annual meeting to the Commissioner.


The Vintage nominee:

  1. Has been an active member of VBFO for at least five years.
  2. Has actively supported the VBFO by holding at least one position in the Executive.
  3. Has been involved in organizing and participating in VBFO tournaments in his division.
  4. Has participated in championship tournaments in at least two of the four divisions of the VBFO.
  5. Has and continues to make a significant contribution to the baseball program in his home community in some baseball-related capacity.


Mike Burke - Scarborough Maroons


Tim Lessard - Tecumseh GGs


Gary Duke - Ottawa Braumeisters

"Thank you so much for allowing me into our Ontario Hall of Fame. It is with a great honour that I accept this award. It is very humbling to be part of a group that has been so instrumental in allowing Vintage Baseball Players to be able to continue to enjoy the game.

Winter well and we shall see you on the fields in 2017!"


Jim Scriver - Barrie Red Sox

"Thank you for the kind words and true honour to be recognized for the VBFO Hall of Fame. I was completely surprised with the announcement on our meeting call today. A group of my playing mates unexpectantly showed up at my home at the very same time to present the plaque so I was distracted from the meeting for the rest of the time. Please excuse me if I missed more details however I can catch up with the minutes when available.
I am both excited and proud to be accepted into the Hall. There have been many inductees over the years I have known and respected, with special note to the two of you, so to be part of this group is rewarding. I have enjoyed 25 years of playing Vintage baseball and there have been many team celebrations but this is the best individual acknowledgement I am priviledged to receive.
Thanks again. Stay healthy.


See you on the ball field."



Rob Fisher - Oakville Golden A's

Donnie Fields - Tecumseh GG's

Frank Iker - Welland



Dan Lamb - Tillsonburg

Neil Campbell - Barrie

Rich Knight - Oakville


Paul Carruthers - Dufferin Simcoe



Sam Leonard - Oakville



Dan Radobenko - Welland




Duncan Campbell

Bill Laycock


Phil Beaudoin - Hamilton

Orville Jenkins



Errol Duncan - Oakville

Tom Manuel - Welland



Doug Cordick - Lanark



Spud Chandler - Simcoe


Jack Wright - Carleton Place



Ron Waito - Renfrew


Bud Anderson - Dufferin Simcoe

 Walt Wilkins - Detroit


Ron Cabot - Oakville


Mel Longwell - Chippawa


Len Beauprie - Barrie


Bart Maves - Niagara Falls

Ed Crockett - Detroit

Milo Michael - Welland

Giles Mohns - Petawawa



Joe Drader - Carleton Place


Bill Jenkins - Niagara Falls

Harold Hume - Renfrew


Clair Seeley - Renfrew


Sam Lamb - Tillsonburg

John Duncan - Peterborough


Ted Laycock - Barrie

Bryan Hart - Niagara Falls

Len Bromley - Renfrew