• Tim Lessard and Mike Burke are 2018 Wall of Fame Inductees
  • Oakville wins 50+ Provincials held in Welland Sep 7-9
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  • Tom Anderson(Rockers) passes away Dec 8,2018


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Teams on call

Tillsonburg - Don Barnard
Scarborough - Mike Burke
Burlington - Jim Hambrook

Regrets (however most of the teams below  did call me to follow up .

Port Lambton
Dufferin Simcoe

Meeting started - 8:03 pm

Rich Knight welcomed those on the conference call and gave a brief update on Covid 19 and how it has affected the start of the season and let everyone know that Baseball Ontario has released a Back to Play on June 2 (anyone wanting a PDF of the 11 page document please go to Baseball Ontario website at www.baseballontario.com. - then click on Covid 19

Rich also mentioned that no one had applied to host the 2020 Provincials - Rich suggested the teams might try playing one day regional events, so teams do not have to stay over night

Rich also asked if someone was interested in being the 35+ Baseball Director - no one stepped up, so Rich will continue to look after this age category until someone comes forward.

Finally, with only 3 teams on the conference call and interest seeming to be disappearing in this Age Bracket,  Rich brought up the subject of lowering the age of this division even as low at 30+ which brought great debate from 2 teams on different ends of the spectrum.

We even had some expert advice from two of the long time members of Vintage Baseball offering their viewpoints.

In the end I know of 2 teams that have interest in joining VBFO yet the core group is between 31 and 34, and as our 35+ Division fades away we need to come up with solutions to try encourage more teams to participate.

Here is the **Rule Change Suggestion**  regarding a change to lower the age for teams in the 35+ age bracket to vote on! However teams will have the opportunity to offer other solutions or amend the "Change of Rule"

To reduce the 35+ category to 33+ years of age (no restrictions)  by December 31st  of the playing year


Up to 3 players that are 31 years of age by December 31st of the playing year - those players will NOT  be eligible to PITCH  but no other restrictions defensively or offensively

(Teams that have played in the 35+ VBFO tournaments in the last 2 years will have the opportunity to vote) which includes all 7 teams above with Walsingham and Tecumseh (who have moved on to 43+ division but with the opportunity of adding younger players they may be interested in playing in this division again).

We ask teams to vote by July 12th.

With a reminders sent out July 6th and July 10th

Please send your vote (or other suggestions to Rich Knight at richknight15@hotmail.ca


You can "have your say" - Greg McEachern will send out instructions to visit our website www.vbfo.ca. With Instructions how  you can  express your thoughts on this age rule reduction

Please note if the rule is changed, it will then be sent to CNOBF for out of Province teams to vote on for the 2021 National Tournament.

Thank you, stay safe and as mentioned before, please take the time to think this over as your teams are the future of Vintage Baseball!

Rich Knight


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Update June 1,2020

The VBFO Executive  would like to take this time to follow up with you on a few items and to check into all of you- to hope everyone and their loved ones  are healthy and  safe.

As we head into June which every year was one of VBFO busiest Tournament months, the desire to play baseball continues.

Ontario Baseball's president Ed Quinlan posted 3 videos on May 24th and if you have time click on Covid 19 banner then as the page comes up there is a slim yellow banner in the middle of the paragraph, click on that banner then you can watch all 3 in particular the 2nd Video

Insurance template, has still not been posted and we will keep you all updated once it comes out

Next Steps

June is a very important month, as the Province of Ontario slowly re-opens and as we await for some good news, to be honest with you I don't see the go ahead for using of the parks for team sports until July (if then)

Directors Tim Lessard (43+) and Dan Radobenko (50+ and 57+) will be asking teams for their plans for the rest of the season.

I will be in contact with the 35+ Teams about their plans.

The other plans include reviewing Rules re: on and off field changes due to Covid 19.

I personally want to thank all members of the Executive for helping me help get this message out to all of you

For now to all of you from the VBFO Executive stay safe / stay healthy.

If you have any questions please forward to me at richknight15@hotmail.ca

And finally yesterday the Province stated all Drive Ins and Batting Cages can open today - May 31st. and again re: Batting Cages - Baseball Ontario released the statement re: Social Distancing.

Next update scheduled for mid June.

Take care, stay safe / stay healthy, let's all keep the faith re: "Playing Ball" this year.

VBFO Executive

Tentative 2020 VBFO Updated Schedule #2

****Updated Notes 

May 30/31 .Annual Windsor/Woodslee Vintage Tournament 35+43+
**** 35+ Division in Question

**** Cancelled

June 6-- Welland - 57+ (One Day)
**** Cancelled

June 13/14 - Tillsonburg 35+ / 45+ 
**** Cancelled

June 20 - Barrie 57+ (One Day)
**** Cancelled

June 27/28 - Welland 50+
**** Cancelled

July. 11/12 - Walsingham 35+43+ ???
**** Cancelled

July 31 Aug 1/2/3/ - Nationals
*** Cancelled ***

Aug 15 -Hamilton -57+ (One Day)


Sept 12,13 - Welland 57+ Povincials
**** Tentative.

Sept 19/20 -Woodslee 45+ Provincials

Sept TBD -Welland - 50+ Provincials
**** Tentative

As of yet no one has stepped up to host ---  *TBD* 35+ Provincials