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Q.  When does GGSA's playing season start?

A.  In the Spring, the 4 year old through 14 and under begin their seasons around Mid-March and conclude before the last day of school. The High School League waits until the high school softball season is over to start usually around June 1st and they finish by the end of July. All Fall leagues begin about mid-September and conclude around mid November.



Q.  What does 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u mean?

A.  The abbreviation 8u is the 8 & under league, 14u is the 14 & under league, etc. A player's age as of January 1st determines the age in which the player is eligible to play the following year. For example, if a girl turns 13 years old on or after January 1st, she is not eligible to play in the 12 and under age group for that year. A girl can however, "play up" which means she can play in an older age group.



Q.  How do I know which age division is correct  for my daughter?

A.  A player's ASA age, for the entire year, will be determined as of January 1st of that year.



Q.  On what days are league games played?

A.  We try to schedule all of our games on Mondays through Thursdays.  As long as fields are available, all league have access to play 7 days a week.



Q.  My daughter will be 13 in January.  What league will she be in?

A.  A player's ASA age, for the entire year, will be determined as of January 1st of that year.



Q.  Where can I find a practice field for my team?

A.  Registered League teams have free use of fields at Winters Complex, whenever they are available. Availability is affected by City maintenance projects, League schedules, ASA tournaments and foul weather. Many teams may need to share the three fields, so practice times must be carefully coordinated. League team managers are given field reservation guidelines.  If there is a question, contact your league rep.  To practice elsewhere may cost a fee. The city rents out other parks; such as Lou Huff, Cullom and Bill Cody, for $20 an hour. The Parks and Rec office number is 972-205-2750.  School playgrounds may be available for free. Please ask a local school principal. 



Q.  How does a recreation team differ from a select team?

A.  This league is for those who are in it for the exercise and for the fun of it. The teams are made up of girls who go to school together or otherwise know each other through other activities such as Girl Scouts or church. They will typically play only 12 games in a year, unless they play both Spring and Fall leagues. About the only other fee they will pay to their team will be for a team jersey.  A select team has players that tryout for their team and play in weekend tournaments which is completely seperate from our league.



Q.  How do I register my daughter for a team in the recreation league?

A.  You may sign up online or download a registration form.  Payment of the league fee and a photo copy of the birth certificate are required to complete the registration.



Q.  Where can I get a copy of the ASA Official Rules of Softball?

A.  Visit the official ASA website for information about how to obtain a copy of the rules.



Q.  Do I have to supply my own team equipment?

A.  No. You may provide your own equipment if you wish, but GGSA has equipment to loan to teams who register for league play. Managers are required to leave a check on deposit to insure that the equipment will be returned at the end of the season. Each team will be provided with practice balls, bats, batting helmets, and catchers gear. You may want to purchase a water jug and first aid kit unless you already have them because we cannot provide these at this time.



Q.  Are team jerseys provided?

A.  T-shirt jerseys are provided by the League at no additional cost for 8u, T-Ball and Blastball teams, with just a few exceptions. For example, some teams may have a specialized logo and those parents pay extra for the coach to order from a non-League supplier.  The older age divisions are not provided shirts by the League and parents will give their head coach additional money to order a shirt, or sometimes a full matching set uniform.



Q.  Is that all of the equipment that is available?

A.  No. We also have pitching machines. These are available at Winters Park and must not leave the complex.