SAYB&S is a volunteer organization and we are continually looking for new people interested in developing one of the best youth baseball and softball programs in the country.

We offer the following opportunities to serve:

Board Positions

The board is elected annually and all positions are currently filled except for Director of Fundraising. Contact a current board member, or attend our open meetings, if you are interested in serving on the board in the future.


From ages 5 yrs all the way up to 14 yrs. Every single coaching position is voluntary. We recruit coaches who agree with our objectives and approach, and we provide tools that help them to:

  • Be organized
  • Work effectively within the rules and policies of their league
  • Communicate with parents effectively
  • Teach and mentor the players across the leagues in a manner that is as consistent as possible.

If interested, indicate this on your child’s registration form and submit a coach's application with your child’s registration. You can also contact the VP of House or Travel, or the League Director for the league you are interested in.

Coaching positions are not guaranteed. We generally fill these positions with coaches experienced from prior years who have received acceptable feedback from parents and coaching peers. It is best to get involved early when your child is just beginning the program. Coaching candidates for Travel leagues must apply for positions, and go through an interview and selection process.

Team Parent

Typically, each coaching staff tries to find a team parent who will coordinate snack schedules, distribution of information, etc. Let your coach know that you want to assist when your child is placed with a team. This assistance enables coaches to focus more of their time & energy on instructing the players.

Parent Assistants

If you are unable to be an official coach, but would still like to help when you are available, most coaches will gladly welcome your services as needed. This is at the discretion of the coach, so let them know at the time you are notified of your child's placement with a particular team & coach.


If you would like to help our fundraising efforts, but not as the director and board member, please contact the Director of Fundraising or the President of the Board. Most of the funds raised in this manner will go directly toward improvements to our community fields.