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Umpiring Program

The objective of the “SAYB&S” is to reinforce the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority while teaching the fundamentals of baseball and softball. Beyond mentoring players, we also run an umpiring program to accomplish our objective. Umpires are taught skills at training offered in mid-April. Assignment of games begins upon completion of training. During the year our umpire director schedules umpires for games, ensures umpires are paid, and provides feedback on umpire performance to encourage continuous improvement throughout the year.  

How to Become an Umpire

To umpire in our leagues, youth umpires must demonstrate appropriate skills and knowledge. The best way to do this is by attending our clinics run by our Director of Umpires who will ensure that the appropriate topics are taught. Assignment of games will be done the week after training sessions, via email. 

Current Schedule for 2018 Umpire training (Location Rec Center Fields #1 & #2):

Sunday, April 22 5-7 pm  (Hold Date)

Sunday, April 29 5-7 pm  Beginning umpire training (required for New SAYBS umpires)
Sunday, May 6 5-7 pm  Advanced umpire training
Sunday, May 13 5-7 pm  Advanced umpire training

Cost for attending the clinic - $5

Please complete this form and bring to the clinic.


Umpire Contact Info

The SAYB&S Director of Umpires is Mike Guenther. Mike can be reached
by email at or on his cellphone at 734-272-2450.



Is the umpiring clinic mandatory?

Yes it is.  Providing a quality level of service is a goal of the umpiring program.  Many different opportunities to attend training are offered.  It makes the job of umpiring games much easier if umpires know the proper mechanics.

How much do umpires earn?

Our current pay is:
$25 per game

How are umpires paid?

Umpires will be paid cash prior
to each game by the coaches of the competing teams.

What if an umpire can not make a scheduled game?

The umpire must inform the Director of Umpires at least 8 hours prior to the
game so that a replacement can be found. Violations of this policy
may result in forfeiture of future scheduled games. 

What about uniforms?

Umpires must purchase their own uniform (typically khaki pants/shorts and a
blue polo shirt) and counter.

When do umpires need to arrive for games?

Umpires must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to game time