8U-10U-12U Softball

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8U-10U-12U Softball


2019 Tournament Schedule:

8U Tournament Link  (Seeded for play)

10U Tournament Link  (Seeded for play)

12U Tournament Link  (Seeded for play)


Tournament Notes: 

  • Seeding is equal for 1vs2, 3vs4, 5vs6, 7vs8, 9vs10, 11vs12, 13vs14, and 15vs16.  If these teams play each other, coin flip for home field.  Otherwise the higher seed is the home team.
  • There is NOT a time limit on a Championship game.  All six innings will be played regardless of the time limit.
  • Times and locations may change.  Please check the links.  Links are live and will be updated as games are played.
  • Substitutions:  We have a rule update for tournament.  If a substitute is needed for the tournament, a player must be pulled up from lower division in the respective organization.  If you have 10 or more players, a substitution cannot be added to the roster.  Subs will bat last and sit our first on defense.  Subs cannot play pitcher or catcher.  The rule applies to 8U, 10U & 12U softball.
  • Stealing Home:  We have clarification to stealing home rule for 10U Softball only.  The clarification of stealing home does not does NOT change the core rule of "Players may steal one base per pitch."  An overthrow on steal does not allow a player to advance an additional base.
    • A player can steal home on a passed ball. 
    • A player can steal home or any base on ball 4 or ball 6.  Walk is never a dead ball (The walked batter can only advance to 1st/cannot steal 2nd base). 
    • A player can steal home on when a catcher is attempting to throw out a different base runner (Example:  A player stealing second and the catcher throw down to second on a attempt to throw out the runner.  Then, the player on third can steal home.)
    • A player cannot steal home on throw back to the pitcher.


Updated for 2019 registration.


Our softball leagues for girls ages 7 - 12 help develop and reinforce basic softball skills.  Girls will learn how to be part of a team and work together.  Most of the girls play T-Ball prior to coming to the softball leagues, but this is not required. 


Ages 7 - 8 (8U) is coach pitch softball.  

Ages 9 - 10 (10U) is player pitch softball and the transition period to full softball.

Ages 11 - 12 (12U) is full on softball with a few exceptions to NFHS rules.


  • These leagues will play in the Miami Valley Softball League.  It is the same league that we have played in since 2017.  The commissioner of softball for TCJB is Norman May.
  • Our 8U league, the girls will continue to learn throwing and hitting along with more focus on making the play defensively.  There is no stealing.  The commissioner is Chris Drum.
  • Our 10U league is the first time the girls will begin to pitch.  In this league they will continue to sharpen their hitting, fielding, and throwing skills while learning to pitch with more focus on the catcher position as well.  The commissioner is Norman May.
  • Our 12U league is more competitive and follows more of the NFHS rules for softball.  The commissioners are Collin Hildreth & Mike Underwood.  
  • The Miami Valley Softball League will include teams from Vandalia, Troy, Piqua, Troy Christian, Huber Heights and Englewood.  
  • The expectation is to play 12 games during the regular season along with year-end tournament.
  • In all leagues, we encourage Select players to join this Rec league, as long as they can make 75% of the Rec games.
  • At the end of the season, each league will have a All Star team that will play in 2 to 3 tournaments. 

If you have questions concerning our League, please contact the 8U Softball Commissioner, the 10U Softball Commissioner, or the 12U Softball Commissioner


2019 8U Rules  | 2019 10U Rules2019 12U Rules


2019 8U/10U/12U Practice Schedule | 2019 Batting Cage Schedule


2019 Schedule (All Leagues &/Or Just Your Team):  Link  (Open it in a new tab...may need to open twice if you browser is logging you in the first time.)


2019 8U Standings:   All Divisions      South Division       North Division

2019 10U Standings:  All Divisions      South Division       North Division

2019 12U Standings:  All Divisions      South Division       North Division