March 20, 2019


A-Ball is the next step after T-Ball or occasionally the first year for some boys. In A-Ball the coaches pitch the ball to the hitter. Coaches will continue to develop the players hitting and defensive skills. Catchers will be outfitted in full catchers gear, but players are not allowed to lead off or steal any base.

Trophies are awarded for 1st and 2nd place in the regular season & post season tournament.  Medals for 3rd place in the regular season & post season tournament.

UPDATE:  Due to an unbalanced schedule, final standings will be determined by the least number of losses (not winning percentage.)  Head to head will be the deciding factor.  If there is a tie for first place and no head to head game has been played, a game will be played.  A determination for tournament seeding will be determined...not by runs.  It will be either best win or coin flip due to unbalance schedule.


League Email:  Andrew Minnich is the new A Ball Commissioner in 2019.  Please feel free to email Andrew at


2019 information below.  


2019 Game Schedule: Link


2019 Standings:  Link to Standings.  Coaches:  Please report all scores to  The winning and losing team must report the score within 24 hours.


2019 Rules:  Link to the rules


2019 Tournament:  Link to the bracket - SEEDING AND BRACKETS ARE NOW FINAL!  Please refer to this page for an update of games and times.


Important Dates for the 2019 Season:

  -  Picture Day is Sunday, April 20th.  You should have received a email with the schedule and order form.  

  -  Opening day is Friday, April 26th. (All teams will play Friday or Saturday)  

           -  9 Tipp City Teams

           -  3 Bethel Teams

           -  2 Troy Christian Teams

  -  We do not play games on Memorial Day Weekend except for the preceding Friday.  Please plan accordingly.

  -  The regular season will end no later than the second week of June. Seeding will take place after last regular season game is played.

  -  Single Elimination Tournament will be played from the June 17th to June 21st provided no rain outs.  

 In July, Tipp City Junior Baseball will have an All-Star team to compete in 3 regional tournaments.  Tipp City, Troy Christian and Bethel are all eligible.


The maximum allowed bat barrel diameter is 2-1/4" for A Ball. (Posted on 2/26/2016)