All new coaches for the Fall 2018/ Spring 2019 soccer year are required by the state to take a 15 minute online concussion awareness course. Everyone can complete and receive the concussion training certification at  This is a requirement for all trainers and coaches at BTSA.  The certification involves watching a short video, answering a few questions and printing out your certificate. 


Concussion Protocol For Coaches: Managing Player Safety

NJ Youth Soccer has adopted the US Youth Soccer Concussion Protocol for its events (e.g. ODP and State Cups).  We encourage member clubs to utilize the form and related protocol.  The link to the documentation/form for this recommended protocol can also be found by clicking on and is summarized below.


  • Pages 1 and 2 are retained by the parent as education and information.
  • Page 3 is signed by the appropriate individuals and retained by the team/club.
  • Club advised to retain the form for record keeping and reference.
  • Referee can advise the coach and recommend that a player is evaluated.
  • The coach, who has completed concussion training, is the individual who initiates the protocol.


NJ Youth Soccer shares this additional information to help Leagues, Clubs and parents manage player safety.



Attention: All new travel coaches, you must attend a general board meeting and present yourself. All new coaches must present the following documents.


1.    Kidsafe Disclosure Statement -


2.    Concussion Certificate -


3.    Sentrylink National Criminal Background Check -


4.    Copy of Coaching  License -

If you have not obtained your coaching license before the February 9 meeting, let the board know when your class is and submit 2 copies of the license when the pass packet is submitted.  One will stay in the binder. The other will go to the club secretary


5.    Meeting – BTSA General Board Meeting - VFW, Mantalocking Road

6.    Letter of Intent

7.    Coaching Philosophy



So You Went and Volunteered to Coach a Rec or Kiddie Team...


Now what do you do?...Well we hope we can help with that!
You might be thinking..."What did I get myself into?". The answer to that is that you have got yourself into one of the most rewarding jobs that you'll ever have. Sure the monetary pay stinks, but the rewards will be immense and you will have a great time doing it...which is more than we can say about our 'other' jobs, right?

BTSA Rec Coaches Code of Conduct

BTSA Rec Coaches Code of Conduct:

All Rec program coaches should know that the purpose of our Kiddie & Recreational Programs is to provide the youth of Brick Township and the surrounding area with a quality soccer program focusing on player development, learning & FUN.
Our program is the largest of its kind in the area and offers young players the opportunity for training and learning new skills. Of course, the opportunity to test those skills is provided through game play in both programs. Everyone gets a chance to play in our program with the emphasis on trying to get each player in for 50% of the game.

Our Recreational & Kiddie programs provide for the development & training of players with the intent of enriching the experience for the player. The programs also serve as a 'feeder' program for our more advanced travel teams Starting at the U-8 level, BTSA fields boy's and girl's teams in the Ocean County Rec, Jersey Coast, and MOSA Soccer Leagues. The player that wants to challenge themselves at a higher level is afforded the opportunity to tryout and be evaluated for a position on those teams.


  1. The main purpose of recreational soccer is to HAVE FUN! All kids must have a fair amount of playing time.
  2. Coaches shall not yell at a child because of their lack of ability to perform.
  3. Coaches shall not argue with each other or parents.
  4. Coaches will not argue with refs over a perceived bad call.
  5. Coaches should demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play to their players & parents…LEAD the way to Good Sportsmanship!
  6. Coaches must not ‘run-up’ scores. If the play/score is lopsided, sub your better players out, let the other team have an extra player on the field. A six goal difference should be the maximum allowed.
  7. Coaches, remember you are a role model. The kids are there to HAVE FUN!
  8. Coaches must not discourage any child from trying out for a BTSA Travel team. As mentioned above the Rec program serves as a ‘feeder’ program for the Travel teams. A child should be encouraged to develop their skills so that they can tryout for one of our teams someday. If BTSA learns of this, that coach must answer to the BTSA Executive Board.
  9. If a Rec Coach wishes to take out a travel team, they must submit a request, in writing, to the BTSA Executive Board early in the Spring of the year they wish to start the team traveling [for Fall start].


Remember they are kids! Let them have fun and learn by playing the game!

Thank you for volunteering,

The BTSA Executive Board


The Soccer Field Explained...

...This is a great little graphic video that explains the parts of the soccer pitch or field and some of the rules relating to the game.
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Training Ideas
Poor guy had a coach who didn't take advantage of all of the training ideas that are online! Don't have boring practices!

Click on the links below for training ideas for your team.
Some are in age appropriate groupings, although some advanced ideas can be used by the age group below that group and vice versa. Only you know whether your team may be ready to try any one of these exercises. Some can be adapted for younger players and older players from their original form as well.

footy4kids...a fantastic...ok, brilliant, UK site geared towards the youth coach.

FineSoccer Drills Archive...from website for coaches.

Video Action and Tips

Click here...
for Video of Soccer action as well as videos of various fakes and moves.
New Coaching Guide Available From U.S. Soccer; Best Practices For Coaching Soccer in the United States
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