Special Needs Physical Training

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About the Trainer: Tim Graf

* Fitness and performance coach for 23 years
* Certified Special Education for 17 years
* Certified Physical Education teacher for 26 years
* Past Special Olympics Coach
* Worked in the high school system with the Autistic population
* Most importantly, Tim is the parent of a Special Needs daughter.

Fitness Program

The PAC Profile Assessment is implemented in this program. Twenty Different physical assessments are applied in the areas of Physical, Adaptive and Cognitive Functioning. Based on the physical fitness needs of the individual, a specific fitness program will be established.

A recent University of Illinois study found that "exercise can help make kids smarter". The research looked at how fitness affects the brain. The studies showed that "fit children had significantly larger basal ganglia, a key part of the brain that aides in maintaining attention and ability to coordinate actions and thoughts crisply". Research also suggests that exercise produces specific growth factors and proteins that stimulate the brain.

Training Available

* One-on-One training in your home
* Group training at your facility
* One-on-one or group training at Joliet Junior College