Welcome to the Graf Speed Enhancement website, where athletes from all sports come to improve their skills.

G.S.E. has been training youths and adults in the Midwest for almost 20 years. The training sessions are intense, and geared for the athlete who devotes his/her time to improve their quickness and overall speed. G.S.E. guarantees results because speed and performance can be learned through muscle memory.

The Graf speed method is designed for all sports. The objective: Increase the Four S's-Speed, Strength, Skill, and Stamina in three planes-horizontal (sprints), coronal (front and back), and vertical (jumps).

Areas addressed in each session are:

* Joint positioning, which determines muscle recruitment
* Neuromuscular response to speed
* Maximum velocity and acceleration angles
* Maximum force application with ground force reaction time
* Strengthening the joints through flexibility, mobility, and stability

G.S.E. will also field questions about ocular quickness, which deals with processing visual and auditory information,predicting situational probability, analyzing and determining options, and doing the right thing at the right time.

Speed and performance training is not just limited to older athletes. Due to immense popularity of youth sports, G.S.E. works with athletes of all ages. If speed and performance is important at whatever you play, you owe it to yourself to be the best. Several NFL, MLB, and MLS players have worked with G.S.E. and have achieved the results they were looking
for...and so could you!