5/88 - Trained track State Champions in three events-resulting in 3rd place trophy.

9/88-9/92 - Trained athletes from other sports in a college gym as a track coach.

9/92 - Began doing team training with baseball and softball teams locally.

6/93 - Began training football players over the summer, including Mike Alstott. Continued to train all other athletes as a Track Coach.

9/93 - Moved my training to Joliet Junior College. Trained all athletes, including the Joliet Junior College baseball team that won the NJCAA World Series in 1994.

9/94 - Continued training all athletes at Joliet Junior College and coached football at Joliet Junior College.

6/95 - Met and started working with teacher and mentor Mr. Ken Jakalski.

3/96 - Incorporated GSE at Graf Speed Enhancement, Inc., and became a Speed Coach.

1/97 - Began training college football players for the NFL.

1/98 - Wrote and published GSE Speed Manual.

6/98 - Wrote and published GSE Track and Field Manual.

1/99 - Trained four players that were drafted in the NFL, with one in the first round.

3/00 - Co-wrote and published GSE Speed CD.

5/00 - Trained first track athlete to get a team trophy by himself in AA Illinois State Track Meet.

2/01-3/04 - Trained 16 additional football players that made NFL teams.

5/02-8/02 - Trained the Chicago Fire soccer team.

7/04 - Missed Masters 200M World Record by .21 seconds at the Midwest Regional Track Meet.

1/05-2/07 - Trained an additional 10 football players that made NFL teams.

6/07 - Agreed to become part of BYG Sports.

6/07 - Contacted by Agent for NBA star Yao Ming for speed and agility training. Wanted me to train in China for one month, but unfortunately I was unable to make that time commitment.

12/07 - Officially became part of BYG Sports.

1/08-4/08 - Wrote five sports specific training manuals with three different levels of training for each sport. Includes position specific training for all five.

5/08 - 8/08 - Wrote 3 additional sports specific training manuals wih 3 different levels of training for each sport. Including position specific training for all 3.

8/08 - Trained with Coach Boyd Epley at NSCA in Co. Springs in weight training and to be a Combine Director.

9/08 - 12/08 - Wrote 3 age group weight training manuals per Coach Epley's weight training publications.

10/08 - 12/08 - Wrote 4 age group speed, performance and weight training manuals.

1/09 - 12/09 - Wrote a 4-level Lacrosse training manual. Trained Lacrosse players from professional to grade school.

1/10 - 4/10 - Wrote, organized and ran a High School football combine.

4/10 - 1/11 - Wrote a 4-level Rugby training manual. Trained Rugby players from college to grade school.

1/11 - 12/11 - Wrote a 3 level Tennis training program. Trained Tennis players from high school to grade school.

3/12 - Competed in The Masters National Track meet in Bloomington In. Finished 3rd in the 60 meters and am National Champion in the 4X200 meter relay.

4/12 - Successfully completed a basketball speed and agility clinic at IMG sports academy in Bradenton, FL.