Youth League Coach of the Year

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In Memory of John Tanner. John play youth ball here at Centertown from an early age to 18 years old. John then coach a youth team after his years playing in the youth league starting at the age of 19 and coach for several years before his death from a car accident. John had a big heart for the kids and the game.

John Tanner Memorial Coaches Award: 

Year 2019 Coach Chris Cope (Crisp Springs Market)

Year 2018 Coach Mike Hutcheson (Dr. Pepper)


Year   Coach

2017: Amanda and Bobby Dillon (presented by James Tanner in center)

2016: Chuck Medley

2015: Christy Arnold

2014: Carly Bruce

2013: Debbie and Thomas Cantrell

2012: Danielle Miller

2011: Bridgette and Phillip Prater

2010: Amanda Henry and April Duke

2009: James Tanner

2008: Kenny Owen

2007: Amanda and Martin Hillis

2006: Marlin Scott

2005: Shelly Walkup

2004: Greg Cantrell

2003: Terry Starnes

2002: Dane Harville