• Welcome to the Centertown Youth League
  • and to the Centertown Recreational Park
  • Hope to see you at the Park this summer
  • and thank you for your support to our kids and program



Let's Play Some Ball 

We are entering our 18th youth league season at the Centertown Recreational Park and our 36th year, of the Centertown Youth League.


From the Youth Director:

I want to thank everyone over the many years that help out in any way to make this park and youth league work from the past till today. As looking back when I got started with this league many years ago, Billy Rutledge got me involved in coaching a youth team in 1984 at the old school site and then two other men, Wayne Holder and Bobby Miller from the community that were overseeing the youth league taught me the ins-and outs of overseeing a youth league in 1990. I always remember them saying you are not going to make everyone happy and as life goes on we all learn and know that is so much true today.

Been around the game filthy-five years and involved with the Centertown youth league for thirty-five years (fourteen years as youth league director), with a little experience, I might could get better. In life, so many things are taken for granted, but one thing I can honestly say is every youth season I been around, I have enjoyed watching the kids play the game of having fun. I have seen over thousands of kids go through this youth program from early age of three all the way through nineteen over the years.

As the 2019 youth league season approaches, let’s think more about the kids of the community, I still remember a phrase and logo we had back in 1998. Centertown Youth League “For the Kids”.

Let’s teach and show sportsmanship, win or lose a game, we all are still winners, by providing a park for our kids to play softball and have fun most of all at their youth ages. We don’t need a ticket to see some of the best softball in the world, you just need to drive one of the players to the game.


 Donnie Caldwell; April 13, 2019