Youth League Volunteer of the Year

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Appreciation Award to an individual dedicating their time and service to the kids of this community at the Centertown Recreational Park

Year   Name



2017: Carolyn Judkins on right presented by Bridgett Prater on left.

2016:Barry Taylor

2015: Friends of the Community ( Volunteer help put the Centertown Stand.Bathrooms back together from the fire) Donnie Caldwell,Jeff Caldwell, David Caldwell, Barry Taylor, Phillip Prater, Marlin Scott, Dale Lemons, Kenny Owens, Scott Page, Carl Crowe, Phillip Crowe, 

2014: Bridgette and Phillip Prater

2013: Jessica and Jonathan Bryson

2012: Christy Arnold

2011: Marlin Scott

2010 Amanda Hillis

2009  Linda Blair