East L.A Classic

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The Classic

The Classic, also known as the East L.A. Classic is the homecoming game for Roosevelt High School and Garfield High School. It is known as the the East L.A. classic as the two mentioned high schools are the most prominent high schools in the East Los Angeles Area. The classic has taken place since a few years after the opening of the schools, with the exception of a decade or two, due to the Depression and World War II. Wins and Losses have been exchanged between the two competing schools. However, Roosevelt holds a few more wins overall. The classic brings out alumni from all parts of the world, usually fielding 25,000 people per game and has been held at the East Los Angeles College at the Weingart Stadium for much of its existence.

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Lance Fernandez

East L.A Classic MVP 2010

click here to view ....2010 Press Conference Photo Gallery....

click here to view ....2010 Press Conference Photo Gallery....