2009 Team Info & History

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June 29, 2009
Wed July 15 Updates: 

Playoff tourney results:

Narberth (4-0)
Springfield (4-2)
Concord (2-2)
Haverford (2-2)
Wayne (1-2)
B-N (1-2)

Final record = 12-8-1

Final League record = 8-6-1


Concord      (14-2-1)      (0-2)
Narberth      (13-3)         (0-2)
Wayne         (11-5)         (1-1)
Springfield   (8-6-1)          -
B-N              (9-7-1)       (2-0)
Haverford     (9-7-1)       (0-1-1)
Aston            (6-8)         (1-0)
Norwood       (5-9)         (1-0)
Clifton                            (1-0)
Nether                            (2-0)

This week:
Main Line League Playoff Tourney  All games start 5:30PM
For scheduling purposes, the only scenario that results in Friday being an off day would be the scenario where you go 2 and out Wed and Thurs which gives you the remainder of the season off.

Tue   7-Jul                                Game 0 :  Clifton Vs Norwood (Norwood wins, Clifton done)

Wed  8- Jul                                Game 1: Concord vs Norwood( Haverford College) (Concord 16-12)
                                                    Game 2: Narberth vs Aston (Odorisio) (Narberth 9-7)
                                                    Game 3: Wayne vs Haverford (Radnor JV) (Haverford 6-2)
                                                    Game 4: Springfield vs B-N (Radnor Creek) (Springfield 2-1)

Thur 9-Jul                                   Game 5:Concord vs Springfield (Radnor Varsity) (Concord 7-2)
                                                     Game 6: Narberth vs Haverford (Haverford College) Narberth (5-3)
                                                     Game 7: Norwood vs B-N (Radnor JV) (B-N 16-5) Norwood eliminated
                                                     Game 8: Aston vs Wayne (M-N HS) (Wayne 14-0) Aston eliminated

Fri   10- Jul                                 Game 9:    WG5 vs WG6 (Radnor Varsity) Concord vs Narberth (narberth 8-7)
                                                     Game 10:  LG5 vs WG7 (Radnor JV) Springfield vs B-N (Springfield 8-6) B-N eliminated
                                                     Game 11: LG6 vs WG8 (Odorisio) Haverford vs Wayne (Haverford 10-0) Wayne Eliminated

Sat  11-Jul             Game 12: WG10 vs WG11 (Radnor Varsity) 11:00 AM Springfield vs Haverford (Springfield 10-0) Haverford Eliminated

                                                      Rain date if needed

Sun 12-Jul                                  Rain Date if needed

Mon 13- Jul                                Game 13: LG9 vs WG12 (Radnor Varsity) (Concord vs Springfield) (Springfield wins) Concord Eliminated

Tue  14- Jul                                Game 14: WG9 vs WG13 (Radnor Varsity) Narberth vs Springfield (Narberth 10-9) Springfield Eliminated
Wed 15-Jul                                 Game 15: WG14 vs LG14 (Radnor Varsity) If Necessary

Winner moves onto:

Region 3 Tourney @ Spring City starting 17 Jul

Winner moves onto:

PA State  July 28th @ Boyertown


Starting  Aug 6 midatlantic Regionals @ Morgantown WV
Starting Aug 14th  National World Series @ Fargo ND

2009 Mainline American Legion League will be made up of the following teams:
Wayne - Home field is Odorisio Park
Broomall-Newtown - Home field is Marple Newtown High School
Concord - Home field is Garnet
Norwood - Home field 1st left after tracks at South Ave/McDade Mall
Haverford - Home field is Haverford HS
Narberth - Home field is Haverford College
Aston - Home field is Neuman
Springfield- Home field is Church Rd
Clifton - Home field is Clifton Field (Springfield Rd/Oak Ave)
Nether Providence- Home field is Strathhaven Mid School/Swarthmore College
Scheduled start date is May 26th.   
Schedule expectations: The basic schedule layout is every Mon/Wed/Fri after Memorial day.  However, rainouts and reschedules will result in Tues/Thurs games also.  There will be Sat/Sun game also.
Regular season start times are 6PM week nights.  Playoffs move to 5:30PM
July 3, 4, 5 & 6th are open.... for now.
Last regular season game is July 1st
Main Line League Playoff tourney begins July 7th.  Expect game to be played Sat July 11 and Sun July 12.  All tourney games are located at Radnor Wayne facilities.  Week night playoff games will have 5:30 start times. Finals for this tourney will most likly take place July 13. Winner advances to PA district 3 tourney.
PA district 3 tourney begins July 18th and will be hosted @ Boyertown.  Must win the Main Line League Tourney to advance to this level.  Games at this level are 9 innings and are scheduled at various times during the day.
Dates to keep in mind:
31 MAY- All-Star Show Case tryout all invited 12PM @ Odorisio in Wayne
If you wish to shine here, work on your throwing and work on your  speed (60 yds).  The format is skill based not position based.
TBD- District 3 All-Star Showcase (10AM Start time) For those selected to move on from 31 may event
Schedule as of May 26th:
Tues  26 May                         Game Vs Narberth @ Church Rd   POSTPONED to Jun 9th- great start
Wed    27-May                        Game   Vs NP @ Strathhaven Middle School   (W 9-0)
Thur     28-May                                   

Fri        29-May                        Game   Vs Norwood @ Church Rd  (RAIN) Resched pending

Sat       30-May                                   

Sun      31-May                         All Star Showcase Tryout 10:45AM @ Odorisoio Park    (All Invited)                          

Mon     1-Jun                           

Tue      2-Jun                            Game   Vs Wayne @ Odorisio  (W 7-2 )                   

Wed     3-Jun                           
Thur     4-Jun                            Game   Vs Concord @ Concord (RAIN) Resched 6/25
Fri        5-Jun                            Game   Vs Aston @ Neumann College (RAIN) Resched pending
Sat       6-Jun                           
Sun      7-Jun                           
Mon     8-Jun                            Game   Vs B-N @ Marple High  (W 4-0)
Tue      9-Jun                            Game Vs Narberth @ Church Rd   make up (rain again) maybe Jun 21
Wed     10-Jun                          Game   Vs  Haverford @ Church Rd  

Thur     11-Jun                                                                                        SHS Senior Party

Fri        12-Jun                          Game  Vs Clifton @ Church rd        SHS Graduation (Field Unplayable)

Sat       13-Jun                         

Sun      14-Jun                         

Mon     15-Jun                          Game   Vs Narberth @ Haverford CollSenior Week (RAIN)

Tue      16-Jun                         

Wed     17-Jun                          Game   Vs NP @ Church Rd Senior Week  (POSTPONED)
                                                     REGION 3 All Star Game 10:30AM Monroe Park, Warminster

Thur     18-Jun                          Game  Vs Norwood @ Norwood  Senior Week (Rain)

Fri        19-Jun                         

Sat       20-Jun                         
Sun      21-Jun                         
Mon     22-Jun                          Game   Vs Wayne @ ODORISIO (Yes, this is a change.  Church Rd is a swamp) (L 8-7)
Tue      23-Jun                          Game vs Concord @ Blue Rocks Stadium 4PM (L 12-1)
Wed     24-Jun                         
Thur     25-Jun                          Game vs Concord @ Concord (Make Up) (L 8-6)
Fri        26-Jun                          Game Vs Aston @ Neuman (W 7-4)
Sat       27-Jun                          Games DH vs Narberth @ Haverford College Noon (Make up x 2) (L 6-5, L4=3)
Sun      28-Jun                         
Mon     29-Jun                          Game Vs B-N @ Church Rd (W 10-5)
Tue      30-Jun                          Game Vs Haverford @ Haverford (L 4-1)

Wed     1-Jul                             Game Vs Clifton @ Church Rd (W 11-1)

Thur     2-Jul                             Game vs vs Norwood (W 3-1)
Fri        3-Jul                                   

Sat       4-Jul                

Sun      5-Jul                

Mon     6-Jul                             Norwood vs Clifton  Play in game

Tue      7-Jul                             

Wed     8-Jul                             Springfield vs B-N @ Radnor HS (Creek field)

Thur     9-Jul                             Playoffs

Fri        10-Jul                           Playoffs

Sat       11-Jul                           Quarter's

Sun      12-Jul                           Semi's

Mon     13-Jul                           Finals

Tue      14-Jul              

Wed     15-Jul              

Thur     16-Jul              

Fri        17-Jul                           State Regional’s Region 3 Spring City

Sat       18-Jul                           State Regional’s Region 3 Spring City
Sun      19-Jul                           State Regional’s Region 3 Spring City

Mon     20-Jul                           State Regional’s Region 3 Spring City

Tue      21-Jul                           State Regional’s Region 3 Spring City

Wed     22-Jul                           State Regional’s Region 3 Spring City
And for those interested:
1.      State Tournament – Boyertown will host in ’09 and ’10
                                     a.      Dates for 2009 are Tuesday July 28th through Saturday August 1st.

2.      National Regional Tournaments Region 2 Morgantown WV and Region 5 Appleton WS

                                a.      Dates are Thursday August 6th through Monday August 10th.

3.      World SeriesFargo ND

                              Dates are Friday August 14th through Tuesday August 18th