2013 Team Info & History

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2013 Team Info


Jul 15, 2013


2013 Schedule: (you can find a printable copy on "schedule" page)



5/23/2013 6:00pm, Springfield High School vs Upper Darby/Clifton - (Rain #1)

5/24/2013 6:00pm, Sun Valley High School Vs Aston Media Pirates - (Rain #2)

5/28/2013 6:00pm, Springfield High School vs Concord Canes- (Rain #3)

5/29/2013 6:00pm, Springfield High School vs Wayne  - Win 1-0 (Oshea 2, Brown 2, Sciasci 1, Joyce 2)


5/30/2013 6:00pm, North Ave vs Upper Darby/Clifton - Loss 3-0 (Joyce 3, Sciasci 2 , Brown 2) 


5/31/2013 6:00pm, Haverford High School vs Haverford Heat - Loss 5-1 (Ganley 6)


6/1/2013 10:00am, Sun Valley High School vs Aston Media Pirates - Make up from 5/24- Loss 7-3 (Walsh 3, Reardon 1, Joyce 2)


6/3/2013  6:00pm, Srath  Haven Middle School vs Nether Providence - (Rain #4)

6/6/2013  6:00pm, North Ave vs Norwood - Win 4-0(Joyce hurls 1 hitter (7))


6/7/2013  6:00pm, Springfield High School vs Narberth -(Rain # 5)


6/8/2013 11:00AM, Springfield High School vs UDC Cadet team (RAIN # 6)


6/9/2013 6:00PM, North Ave Vs Narberth - Make up from 6/7 Loss 3-2 (Brown 7)

6/10/2013 6:00pm, Marple High Varsity,vs Broomall Newtown (RAIN #7)


6/12/2013 6:00pm, Cardinal SHS vs Upper Darby/Clifton Loss 6-4 (Joyce 3, Sciasci 2, Reardon 1)


6/14/2013 6:00pm, North Ave vs Aston Media Pirates Loss 4-1 (Joyce 7)

6/18/2013 6:00pm, GVHS vs Concord Canes (RAIN #8)

6/19/2013 6:00pm, Odorisio Park vs Wayne Loss 4-3 (Sciasci 6)


6/20/2013 6:00PM, Springfield High School vs Concord (makes up 5/28 rainout) Win (Reardon 4 Walsh 4)

6/21/2013 6:00pm, Springfield High School vs Haverford Heat Win 3-0 (Joyce 7)

6/24/2013 6:00pm, Church Rd vs Nether Providence (RAIN #9)


6/25/2013 6:00pm, Srath Haven Middle School vs Nether Providence - resched from 6/3 (RAIN # 10- But who's counting?)



6/26/2013 6:00pm, Church Rd vs Norwood Win 2-1 (Joyce goes 5 in lightening shortened game....devine intervention?)


6/27/2013 6:00PM, @Garnet Valley HS vs Concord- resched from 6/18 (RAIN # 11.....!@#$$)



6/28/2013 6:00pm, Narberth Park vs Narberth- Loss 7-2 (sciasci 4)


6/29/2013 11:00AM, Marple Newtown HS vs B-N (Make up from 6/10 rainout) Loss 10-0 (Brown 4, Walsh 2/3, Reardon 1/1/3)


6/30/3013 9:00AM, Garnet Vally HS vs Concord Tie 2-2 (Ganley 9)

7/1/2013  6:00pm, Church Rd vs Broomall Newtown (RAIN #12)


7/2/2013 6:00PM, Strath Haven Middle School Varsity vs Nether Providence (Make Up from 6/25) Loss 5-1 (Joyce 6)


7/9/2013 5:30PM, Narberth Park vs Narberth Loss 6-4 (Joyce 3, Sciasci 3)




Final Reg Season Standings as of July 8th:


1) Broomall Newtown-43 pts

2) Nether Providence-39 Pts

3) Wayne-37 pts

4) Narberth-32 Pts

5) Springfield-32 pts

6) Upper Darby/Clifton-28 pts


Play-in game teams:

7) Aston-27 pts

8) Norwood-21pts

9) Haverford-15 pts

10) Concord-13 pts



Tuesday 7/9/2013 Main Line League Playoffs begin


7/9 Results:

Aston over Concord

Norwood over haverford


7/11 Results:

B-N over Norwood

NP over Aston

Wayne over UDC

Narberth over Springfield


Friday 7/12/2013 All teams rained out


Winner Bracket:

Narberth @ B-N - Marple

Wayne @ NP - Odorisio


Loser Bracket:

Aston @ UDC  - Card Ohara

Norwood @ Springfield - Radnor JV


Sat 7/13/2013


Eliminated today: Upper darby-Clifton & Norwood


Sun 7/14/2013


Game #9 Wayne @ B-N 10AM (Wayne wins goes to finals)

Game #10 Aston @ narberth 11AM (Narberth wins)

Game # 11 Springfield @ Nether providence 12PM(Nether wins 5-1)


Springfield eliminated (Final record = 6-12-1)



Game#12 6PM Winners of #10 vs #11 (Narberth @ Nether)


Mon 7/15/2013


Continuation of game 12 Narberth @ Nether @ Marple (Narberth Wins 5-4 in 9)


Winner of game 12 plays B-N at Marple at 6PM (B-N ins 15-8)




B-N @ Wayne (Odorisio 5:30PM)



7/17/2013 Main Line League Playoffs end


7/20/2013 Region 3 Playoffs begin


7/24/2013 Region 3 Playoffs End


7/31/2013 PA State playoffs begin




















May 4, 2013:


Anyone interested in a position on the team needs to follow these instructions:



1. Please open and print this 2013 Player Indemnification Form.  Fill it out and give it to me by May 11th.


2. Please open and print this 2013 Schedule. Look at your own schedule and annotate all things that will interfere with your ability to attend any thing on ANY DAY (includes days with games as well as days without scheduled games) betwwen May 23rd and July 24th.   Give it to me by May 11th.


3. Please provide me with your ORIGINAL Birth Certificate.  This is a state provided document (not hospital provided).  It has a raised seal.  I do not want a copy....I cant use it.  I will return the original once reviewed by state officials.  If you did this last year, I dont need it again.




The March 17th Tryout has been moved from 1PM to 3PM.


All players interested in trying out for the Senior American Legion Baseball Team for the summer 2013 season should report to Springfield High School baseball field on March 17th  at 1:00PM.


All players interested in trying out for EDCO Intermediate Blue/Gold Baseball teams should report to Crowell Park baseball field on March 23rd at 1PM.


All players should be residents of Springfield and should be currently registered as members of Springfield Athletic Association.


Contact travel baseball director  Jeff Kilgallen at 610 761 7009 with any questions.


Now would be a good time to register/sign up to play.  Go to www.springfieldaa.org and register.  Select travel baseball in the sign up menu.


Rough schedule for 2013 :
Season start date: game 1= Thurs  23 May, Game 2=  Fri 24 May, Sat-Mon off, march forward at 3 games per week thru July 3rd.  Double elimination playoffs tourney beginning about July 9th and ending about July 17th. 

 Please leave open the weekends of Jun 28/29/30 (End of season crunch) and  of July 12/13/14 for the playoff tourney.

There will be some weekend games during regular season.  Will to keep to a minimum.

 If win league Tourney we move to Regional State tourney at Falls Township July 20-24.

Next level = State Championship July 30-Aug 3 at Boyertown. 

National World Series = Aug 16 -Aug 20 at Shelby, NC 

 2013 bats = wood

Age Cut offs:
2013 = 1994 and after(College players must have been on last years roster)
2014= 1995 and after (College players must have been on last years roster)
2015= 1996 and after (No College Players allowed in 2015 and follow)


 If any questions call/text me at 610 761 7009.