2012 Team Info & History

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2012 Regular Season:
Wed 23 May vs Narberth    (Loss)
Fri  25 May vs UDC             (Loss 8-6)
Tue 29 May vs Aston          (Loss)
Wed 30 May vs Wayne       (Loss 7-5)
Fri 1 Jun vs Haverford         (Win 6-5)
Mon 4 Jun @ NP                 (Win 7-5)                             
Wed 6 Jun @ B-N               (Loss     )                            
Fri 8 Jun @ Concord           (Loss 9-0)                   
Mon 11 Jun vs Norwood     (Loss 7-4)         
Wed 13 Jun @ Narberth      (Loss 13-1)        
Fri 15 Jun @ UDC                (Loss )                           
Mon 18 Jun @ Aston            (Loss )                   
Wed 20 Jun @ Wayne          (Win 5-1)               
Fri 22 Jun @ Haverford         (Win by fft)                  
Mon 25 Jun vs NP                 (Tie 5-5  )                          
Wed 27 jun vs B-N                 (Loss)                 
Fri 29 Jun vs Concord            (Loss)   
Mon 2 Jul @ Norwood             (Loss)

End regular Season 4-13-1
Finish 9th of 10 teams


Tue 10 Jul @ Wayne               (Loss 3-2)
End 2012 Season

Things to know for 2013 season:

Age cut off = birthdate in 1994 and after.  
New Rule - 2013 and follow will be wood bat only

Proposed New Rule - Starting in 2015 season.....college freshman not on previous season roster are not eligible.
Please open below link "2012 Player Agreement" , fill out, print and give attached to me:

Also will need an original "state produced" version of your birth certificate. 
Photo Copies are not good. Must have raised seal.

For this year, 2012

Preliminary game schedule can be viewed in "schedule" section 
 This weeks schedule:
Sat May 5th SHS 11:00AM
Sun May 6th Church Rd 5PM 
2012 tryout process:
Saturday March 31st SHS 3:00PM (COMPLETE)
Sunday April 1st.   SHS 3:00PM (COMPLETE)
Sat Apr 7  Nothing - Have a Happy Easter
Sun Apr 8 - Happy Easter
Fri Apr 13 SHS 6:30PM (Complete)
Sat Apr 14-Nothing
Sun Apr 15- 3PM Crowell park (Complete)
Sat Apr 21-10AM SHS Diamond (Complete)
Sun Apr 22- 12PM SHS Diamond (Rain Out)
Sat Apr 28 12PM SHS Complete
Sun Apr 29 12PM SHS Complete
Sat May 5 11AM SHS
Sun May 6 xx
Anyone interested in trying out should be registered  members of Springfield Athletic Association. 
Please register and sign up for travel baseball.
Questions you might be pondering:
Can I try out?  Anyone turning 16 prior to April 30th of this year and born Jan 1 1993 and later can try out.  Usually 10/11/12/13 grades
Will I make it?
ans: Depends on your talent level and the level of those competing for spots. 
I have a vacation planned, should I try out?
ans:  The season is short.  High school senior week is a regular occurence.  This is usually not a problem as long as there are enough "non Seniors" on the team to play the games of that/those weeks.  However, High School Senior WEEKS have become more and more regular.  Anyone considering more than 1 week away from the team during the season should discuss those plans with the coach.
Can I play for other teams?
ans:  It depends on how you fit into the make up of the team.  Players considered starting players are expected to make this team your primary team.   I usually work with non starting players who have other options so that they can gain more overall playing time.  This usually works best when the other teams are other Springfield AA teams. 
Any thing else? let me know.
Age Cutoff Date ?  Must have birth date Jan 1 1993 or after.
2012 bats = BBCOR
Now would be a good time to register/sign up to play.  Go to www.springfieldaa.org and register.  Select travel baseball in the sign up menu.
Rough schedule :
Season start date: game 1= Thurs  24 May, Game 2=  Fri 25 May, Sat-Mon off, march forward at 3 games per week thru July 2nd.  Double elimination playoffs tourney beginning July 10th and ending about July 18th. 
Please leave open the weekend of July 13/14/15 for the playoff tourney.
There will be some weekend games during regular season.  Will to keep to a minimum.
If win, State regional tourney begins July 21.  Please try and leave this weekend opened.
For future reference 2013 bats = wood
If any questions call/text me at 610 761 7009.