Westchetser United Youth Football League

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Westchester United Football League

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Click on the Link Above for an overview of the rules for the Westchester United Youth Football League.
The 7th/8th Grade Division for Tackle Football will compete in the Westchester United Football League.
We will compete against:
Cortlandt Titans
Scarsdale Raiders Maroon Team
Scarsdale Raiders White Team
Bernie's Football Team
Shrub Oak Green Team
Shrub Oak Black Team
Cortland Cowboys
Hillcrest Yonkers Lakers
At the conclusion of the season each team will play in a final bowl game against a like seeded opponent as a finale. 

In addition there is the Westchester United Football League North - South Senior Bowl, which is an event hosted by Shrub Oak, where select 8th grade players from each organization come together from their respective conference, to compete and play to end the official season.