3rd Grade Harrison Youth Football League

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  Click on the link above for the Harrison Youth Football league Rules in a pdf version.

3rd Grade division*
We are most excited about this opportunity with all of the focus on safety as of late, which safety is also our number one priority, and view this as a great stepping stone in progressional development for players transitioning from flag football to tackle football, as they will start out on the same equilibrium together as newcomers to tackle football and especially compete against only 3rd Graders also new to tackle football.

Our emphasis on the contact itself with pads on the basics of tackling and blocking will be stressed and coached at a patient pace.

Harrison Youth Football has been in operation for 50+ years and implemented this division of play last year to rave reviews by parents and coaches alike. The transition from flag football to tackle football can be a challenge and sometimes an overwhelming experience for some. 

This program will allow for more game time experience which is invaluable and allow enough time for our staff to ensure the players make the transition from flag football are properly prepared fundamentally for the transition to tackle football. Practice will be 4 days per week prior to school, 2 days a week when school resumes.

 Our team(s) will compete in the Harrison Youth Football League. Games are on mostly Saturday afternoons. The official season starts on October 5th and ends on November 10th.  Scrimmages to last week in September, which will enough lead time, again to ensure all are prepared for this new level of play.
*grade as of start of school in fall.