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Links for Scheduling Batting Cage and Pitching Machine

Coaches, use these links to schedule the Batting Cage and Pitching Machine.  Place your name in the appropriate cell(s) that you want to reserve.  Please note that these calendars are live and any changes you make will be saved and recorded.  Please limit your requests to 90 minutes per week (Sunday to Saturday.)

2019 April Batting Cage and Pitching Machine Schedule

2019 May Batting Cage and Pitching Machine Schedule

2019 June Batting Cage and Pitching Machine Schedule

2019 July Batting Cage and Pitching Machine Schedule


Open Field Availability/Scheduling Practices

  1. Check the Master Schedule and Open Field Availability list to see what fields are available.
  2. If a field is showing available, send an email to to request practice time there. We have 30+ in-house, Sunday Select and travel teams who want to use the fields for practice, so please limit your requests to 3 dates at most. After those dates pass, you can request more. 
  3. If you have a practice scheduled and I need to reschedule a game, I will cancel your practice and notify you.

Score Reporting on the Website

Minors, Majors and Seniors -- Head Coach of the winning team is responsible for reporting the score. Please report it within 24 hours of game completion.

Instructions for Reporting Scores

1.  Go to the WWSO website.

2.  Select Schedules | Game Schedules from the top menu

3. Select your Division and your Team from the Dropdowns

4.  Click the Report Scores button above your team's schedule.

5. Select the Date, Division and Location from the dropdowns.

6. Enter the password for your Division (sent in an email to all of the coaches).

7. Click the Search button.

8. Select your game. Click the Report Score link associated with your game.

9.  Change Game Status to Completed. Enter score -- if the run differential for the game is > 7, report it as a 7-run game (e.g., if the game was 15-1, report it as 8-1). If you choose to, you can enter a brief headline and synopsis of the game.

10. Click the Submit button.

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