2019 Season Info

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Interested in 2020 Cannons Baseball???

If you are interested in playing on the Senior or Junior Cannons in 2020 please email Coach Rodovick and show up to the tryouts and meetings. colchestercannons@gmail.com

Interesting Cannons Facts:

*The Senior Cannons have won four state championships (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015)
*The Cannons have made the American Legion Playoffs by finishing in the top 4 spots for 17 out of their last 18 seasons
*The Cannons have sent 56  players on to college baseball since 2002.
*The Cannons have graduated 144 players since 2002. Of those graduated players:
--- 85% have attended (or are attending) college
--- 42% have advanced to play baseball at the next level
*The Sr. Cannons overall record is 288-220-3
*The Cannons are the only organization in Vermont that has a Junior Team
*The Cannons are the only team to play in a tournament outside New England or New York since 2002
*The Sr. Cannons winning percentage in-state is 84% since 2002
*Each year approx. 60% of the Cannons budget if fundraised. The rest of the budget is from player fees
*The Cannons are the ONLY legion team since 2002 to host an invitational tournament
*Since 2002 the Cannons have participated in 49 tournaments (that doesn't include the VT State Tournament or the Northeast Regional)


Dear Candidates/Parents-
Thank for your interest in playing for our American Legion Baseball Program. Summer is a great time for everyone go out and have a great time on the baseball diamond. When looking to select players for our teams we look for the most talented and driven team players that are willing to put on our jersey. We believe that playing for the Cannons is a privilege, not an entitlement. Those that feel they are entitled to be on these teams or that the Cannons are lucky to have them will be disappointed to learn that there is no place for them in our program. We look to compete, improve and have fun. We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming meetings and at tryouts. Best of luck.

The "Staff"

Message to parents: 100% support is expected. Involvement in fundraising and team events is needed. Involvement in coaching will not occur.

Playing time is at the discretion of the coaches. Parent input regarding playing time is strongly discouraged (and will not be considered), as players are expected to learn how to communicate with the coaches on how to improve their playing time. Respect for coaches, teammates, officials and opponents is an expectation.

Attitude problems, commitment issues and behavior problems will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. It is our belief that one bad attitude is enough to ruin a whole season.

Part of becoming a good program is developing players that are committed in the off-season. Conditioning in the off-season is critical to the success of our program. Players that demonstrate lack of commitment or bad attitudes will not be asked to participate in off-season activities. Players that are interested in playing for the Cannons in the following year may be considered for off-season workouts if space allows it.

Age Requirements

Cannot turn 19 before January 1st of 2020.

Senior Cannons are 19 and under
Junior Cannons are 17 and under

Depending on the talent level we will take younger players on the older team. We will also put older players on the younger team in certain situations.


2020 Player Fees (no refunds!)

Sr Cannons:  $TBD

Jr Cannons:  $TBD

Balance Due on May 15, 2020

Senior Cannons- 2020: Approx $TBD (Depends on tournaments)
Includes: Gear, equipment, coaching salaries, coaches expenses, insurance, league fee, hotels for players on road trips (including the state tournament), transportation to/from tournaments, tournament entry fees, field expenses, officials, water for games

Junior Cannons- 2020: $TBD (Before Fundraising)
Includes: Gear, equipment, coaching salaries, coaches expenses, tournament entry fees, insurance, league fee, field expenses, officiating, water for games, 3 NYPO nights

Starting in 2008, FOR ALL TEAMSall fundraising you do comes directly off of the player fee. Fundraising will be tracked by the boosters.
If you just plan on paying the money and not being involved in the fundraising please let the boosters know.

If you fundraise MORE than the player fee balance you may apply it to gear before the start of the season.  After June 1st anything above and beyond will be placed in the team general fund.

Senior Cannons--- Max 18
Junior Cannons--- Max 16
Number of games
Senior Cannons--- ~32 games
Junior Cannons--- ~28 games

Senior Cannons--- TBD
Junior Cannons--- TBD

Program Goals

Teaching Values

• Discipline
• Work ethic (on and off the field)
• Communications
• Learning
• Caring
• Decision making

Formula for Success

• Recruit good people
• Develop a strong work ethic
• Emphasis on academic achievement
• Develop baseball skills
• Develop broad-based support
• Community involvement
• Create a “family atmosphere”

Building Dreams

• Gain respect
• Build a tradition
• Community support
• 100% graduation rate
• Championship teams
• American Legion Post Season Play
* Playing collegiate baseball

Head Coach

• Dedication
• Enthusiasm
• Knowledge
• Positive role-model
• Discipline
• Family

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