July 5th, 2017 



The general objectives of the CYFCA are to inspire youths to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, and physical fitness, regardless of race, religion, gender, or origin.


The specific objectives of the CYFCA are to familiarize all youths with the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, to provide an opportunity to play or cheer the game in a supervised, organized and safety oriented manner and to keep the welfare of participants free from any adult ambition and personal glory. CYFCA is designed primarily to encourage athletic endeavors, promote the physical, mental, and moral development of children, by providing the means through which the individual child shall receive education and instruction in football and cheerleading, to develop a sense of fair play, honest and fair competition, and true sportsmanship.


The CYFCA complies with and abides by the official High School Football playing rules and spirit rules published by the National Federation of State High Schools Athletic association, 11724 Plaza Circle, P.O. Box 20626, Kansas City, Missouri, 64195. Deviations are permitted from Official High School playing rules necessitated by the local conditions and based on previous experience. 









This organization shall be known as the Clarence Youth Football and Cheer Association, Inc. (CYFCA), a not for profit organization.





The objective of the CYFCA shall be to promote, through supervised, competitive football and cheerleading activities, the development of youth with emphasis on maximizing player involvement together with the teaching of football skills, team play of football, cheerleading and an overall attitude of good sportsmanship.


It is the policy of the Clarence Youth Football and Cheer Association to maintain a voluntary environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination. Accordingly, any comments or conduct based on relating to an individual’s race, creed, color, religion, sex (with or without sexual conduct), national origin, marital status, veteran status, military status, age, sexual orientation, ethnic background, disability or any other protected category under the law which fail to respect the dignity and feelings for the individual will not be tolerated.


These objectives can be best achieved through the concerted effort of all the individuals who have agreed to take positions of responsibility in our Association. Board of Directors (President, Vice President, Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Cheerleading Commissioner, Assistant Cheerleading Commissioner, Treasurer, Concession Stand Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator, and Secretary), Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and other involved participants must stress, through example, that football and cheer competition can be a positive learning experience, whether in victory or defeat. The benefit to the youth will depend largely on the overall attitude created by the individuals supervising the program.


The CYFCA Code of Conduct (Appendix A) has been adopted to affect the purposes espoused by these By-laws.





A. All residents of the Town of Clarence (but not limited to in accordance with grandfather clause) or the Clarence Central School District are eligible. Clarence residents will be given preference and every accommodation will be made to allow participation by Clarence residents. Membership is affected by either registering as a participant for competitive play or by actively participating in Association operations.


B. Coaches, parents, volunteers, board members and players are all “members” of the CYFCA and should be willing to participate in league activities if and when asked.


C. Any member who disregards the rules of the CYFCA or violates the Code of Conduct will be formally warned in writing, suspended or removed from the league, depending on the severity of the action. A disciplinary meeting will be held as identified in paragraph D of this section.


D. The Board of Directors, at a disciplinary meeting with two-thirds of the Board in attendance, either in person or through electronic participation, will by majority vote in secret balloting, have the authority to suspend or remove any member, including a member of the Board of Directors, whose conduct is considered detrimental to the best interest and objectives of the CYFCA.





A. The Board of Directors will serve as the governing body of the CYFCA and will be composed minimally of twelve Officers, eight elected, four appointed, and other officers as selected by the elected officers.


B. The Elected Officers of the CYFCA shall be the President, Vice President, Commissioner, Cheerleading Commissioner, Treasurer, Concession Stand Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, Secretary and Statistician. The Assistant Commissioners are appointed by the Commissioner. The Assistant Cheerleading Commissioner is appointed by the Cheerleading Commissioner. Other officers such as Public Relations Coordinator, Equipment Manager, Coordinator of Player and Coach Development, Coordinator and Registration Chairman, etc., may be selected by the elected officers.


C. The Board of Directors will make all decisions affecting policy, welfare and by-laws of the CYFCA.


D. Each member of the Board of Directors will have one vote, with the President having the deciding vote in the event of a split vote. Two-thirds of the Board must be present for a quorum. The majority vote of those present at a meeting will determine the outcome of any issue except for disciplinary actions as specified in the Code of Conduct (Appendix A).


E. Any elected member of the Board of Directors may call a meeting by giving notice of the meeting to all members at least forty-eight hours in advance of the desired meeting except for an emergency.


F. Any position that becomes vacant during the year will be filled by the President’s nominee upon acceptance by the Board of Directors.


G. The Board has the ability to appoint non-voting members as required.





A. President: The President will call and preside at meetings and coordinate all operations. He/she will also appoint committees and fill vacancies when necessary. The President must have served on the Board the previous year to be eligible for election for the current year.


B. Vice President: The Vice President will assist the President in performing his/her duties and chair committees as designated by the President. He/she shall serve as President when the President is absents from meetings. He/she will coordinate with the town field maintenance.


C. Commissioner: The Commissioner will assist the President in the performing of his/her duties and chair committees as designated by the President. The Commissioner will arrange, organize and coordinate registration and carryout all Board of Director decisions as pertaining to football operations. He/she will also represent CYFCA and attend Commissioner Meetings held by the governing league NEYSA. The Commissioner must have served on the Board the previous year to be eligible for election for the current year.


D. Assistant Commissioners: The Assistant Commissioners are appointed by the Commissioner, will assist the Commissioner in performing his/her duties. He/she may attend meetings held by the governing league NEYSA, together with the Commissioner or representing the Commissioner in his/her absence. In addition, he/she will coordinate referee schedule, maintain an inventory of all equipment and coordinate the issuing and collection of all equipment. He/she will provide a list of all repairs and maintenance needed to insure proper equipment standards and recommendations to the purchase of new equipment to the CYFCA Board.


E. Cheerleading Commissioner: The Cheerleading Commissioner will coordinate all cheerleading activities. He/she will also represent CYCFA, regarding the cheerleading program, by attending meetings held by the governing league NEYSA. He/she will maintain all cheer apparel and make recommendations for purchases to the CYFCA Board.


F. Assistant Cheerleading Commissioner: The Assistant Cheerleading Commissioner, who is appointed by the Cheerleading Commissioner, will assist the Cheerleading Commissioner in performing his/her duties.


G. Treasurer: The Treasurer will assist the President in performing his/her duties and chair committees as designated by the President. He/she will keep and maintain a checking and savings account, make deposits and pay bills. He/she will keep complete/accurate records, provide the Board with periodic reports, and compile an end-of-year list of receipts and expenditures. He/she will arrange, organize and coordinate any financial responsibilities deemed necessary to the organization. He/she will organize a proposed budget indicating expected income and expenses for the upcoming season.


H. Concession Stand Coordinator:  The Concession Stand Coordinator will be responsible for the operations and man agreement of the concession stand.


I. Special Events Coordinator: The Special events Coordinator coordinate all special events such as league celebrations, fundraisers, Bulldog Bash, Pink Bowl, and award ceremonies including catering arrangements.   He/she will also manage booster gear.


J. Secretary: The Secretary will assist the President in performing his/her duties and chair committees as designated by the President. He/she will keep and maintain records, files, minutes, supply of printed envelopes, stamps and the post office box. He/she will draft letters and news releases, make copies and arrange for all necessary printing, mailing and distribution. He/she will compile and maintain an e-mail list of all players and coaches. He/she will organize and maintain the concessions volunteer schedule. He/she will coordinate trophy procurement.


K. Statistician: The statistician will create and maintain team books and registration of all players and cheerleaders as stipulated by the NEYSA rules and regulations.


L. Head Coach/Coaches: Coaches have a very important role in insuring the objectives of the CYFCA are achieved. Each coach must strive to develop a spirited, competitive team within the rules and policies adopted by the CYFCA.  Head Coaches of the teams will be nominated, approved and/or removed by the Board of Directors. Head Coaches will be responsible for the nomination of their assistant coaches/team manager and approved by the Board of Directors. All coaches will be responsible for the actions of their team players, parents, relatives and spectators attending practices, scrimmages and scheduled league games.


The Head Coach must assure that his/her assistants, players and supporting spectators’ respect the efforts of the other coaches, players and referees on the playing field. He/she shall promptly correct any poor sportsmanship on his/her team and report all playing, sportsmanship and rule violations to his/her Commissioner. The Head Coach must convey all needs and concerns promptly to his/her Commissioner for presentation to the Board of Directors. Any serious violation will be brought before the Board of Directors for their consideration and/or appeal pursuant to the principles of the Code of Conduct.


M. Website Coordinator/Public Relations: The website coordinator is responsible for the creation, monitoring, updating, and maintaining of the website, Facebook, and Twitter postings.





The Board of Directors will be established as follows:


1. Elected Officers: Elected by majority vote of the CYFCA Board of Directors at the January CYFCA Meeting.


2. Assistant Commissioners: Appointed by the Commissioner, approved by the Board.


3. Assistant Cheerleading Commissioner: Appointed by the Cheerleading Commissioner, approved by the Board.


4. Other Officers: Selected by the Elected Officers.







The rules of play, other than as amended by these by-laws, will be in accordance with the Niagara Erie Youth Sports Association. League Rules amended and passed by the Board of Directors of NEYSA at their annual Commissioners meeting (Appendix B and C). The General Rules applies to all teams.


A.      The requirements stated in the NEYSA Rule Book for roster sizes, proper weight limits and proper ages are strictly enforced and shall not deviate for any reason. The Board of Directors has the right, within the limits for roster size set by NEYSA, to determine the exact size of each team roster.


B.      Players will be placed on a team according to NEYSA guidelines.  Cheerleaders will be placed on a squad based on grade. If the players abilities/skill level supersedes the level in which they traditionally would be assigned, that player has the option of being waived up based on the following 5 stipulations:


1.       Head Coach of current team MUST agree that skill level and emotional/mental development constitute player being waived up


2.       Head Coach of team player will be waived up to MUST agree that skill level and emotional/mental development constitute player being waived up


3.       Head Coach’s MUST present to the board justifying their decisions


4.       Board MUST agree that player’s skill level and emotional/mental development constitute player being waived up


5.       Parent must sign waiver indicating that player is playing at a level that is not recommended and accepts the stipulation that there is a greater risk to said player by being waived up.


***All 5 stipulations must be agreed upon by all parties in order for said player to be waived up.


D. All games must be played as scheduled. Coaches shall not cancel any game. Rescheduling of games will only be permitted due to inclement weather or unplayable field conditions, and only with the Commissioner’s approval.


E. All games are generally set for precise starting times as outlined in the schedules.






In the event that there is a conflict as to the meaning or interpretation of any article, section, subsection, paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase, word or words, said the Board of Directors should determine meaning or interpretation. Said interpretation shall be reduced to writing and appended to this Constitution and shall be binding on the President, Officers, and Board of Directors until overruled by the Board or amended as provided in Article Eleven.





A. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings at all meetings.


B. The following agenda shall be considered the proper format for conducting all official business of the organization.


1.       Call to Order


2.       Roll Call


3.       Secretary’s Report (reading of the minutes)


4.       Treasurer’s Report


5.       Communications and Bills


6.       Commissioner’s Report


7.       Cheerleading Commissioner’s Report


8.       Committee Reports


9.       Old Business


10.   New Business


11.   Good of Association


12.   Adjournment






These by-laws may be amended, altered, changed, added to or replaced by the affirmative majority vote of the Board of Directors present at any meeting. A quorum (two-thirds of the Board of Directors total) must be present to vote on a rule change. Change in writing should be submitted to the CYFCA Secretary ten (10) days prior to the regular meeting. First reading will be at that meeting, and read at the next regular monthly meeting. After the second reading a vote will be taken as to whether to accept or defeat said proposal, providing a quorum is present.






A. In the event of disbanding or dissolving, all material items and monies are to be turned over to another similar organization, or proportionately distributed to the league member organizations.


B. The assets of this Corporation shall be permanently and irrevocably dedicated to tax-exempt purposes. Upon dissolution of this corporation for any reason whatsoever, all assets if any, shall be distributed for one or more of the exempt purposes described in Section 1116 (a) (4) of the Tax Law of the State of New York in Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America or under the applicable exempt provisions of either of such laws at the time of dissolution, or the Federal Government, or to a State or Local government for an exempt purpose.