Clarence Bulldogs Booster Club Mission Statement

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Clarence Bulldogs Booster Club Mission Statement













        The Clarence Bulldogs Booster Club (CBBC) is a non-profit, charitable,


501 (c) (3) organization.


The mission of the Clarence Bulldogs Booster Club is to provide direct Financial and Volunteer support to the Clarence Youth Football and Cheer Association and Board,


via fundraising, networking, long range planning, marketing, event planning and promotions.


We will seek to further the goals of the CYFCA Board by assisting in providing Clarence Bulldog Athlete support in developing an environment that provides equality and sportsmanship. The CBBC will also help promote positive Parent involvement of CYFCA.


Clarence Bulldog Boosters Club will help to promote the CYFCA program, increase enthusiastic community support and interest in our organization.


Most importantly - help create our new Bulldog Field, Concession Stand and


Announcers Booth.


Parent involvement is the key to a successful Clarence Bulldog Booster Club!


We ask that every Parent to be involved with the growth of their son/daughters athletic progress with the Clarence Bulldogs.



We plan to maintain Clarence Bulldog history, pride and create a tradition of excellence.



If you would like to contribute by any means possible, please email us at: