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2005, 45+
2009, 45+
2010, 45+
2012, 50+


2000, 35+
2002, 45+
2003, 45+
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Meet the Rockers
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Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers - Logo

Dufferin - Simcoe Rockers
(Oldtimers Baseball Team)

Welcome to the Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers page.

In 1982, the Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers were established to provide opportunities for seasoned players of the North Dufferin Baseball League and the then South Simcoe Baseball League to continue to play the sport they love. The name Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers recognizes both Leagues. They joined the Vintage Baseball Federation of Ontario in 1983.

The Rockers participate in tournaments throughout Ontario and continue to play North Dufferin teams in exhibition games through May to July. They have also participated in benefit games.

Since 1983 the Rockers have also hosted their own tournament with oldtimer teams from Ontario attending. This tournament requires two parks and over the years have utilized diamonds in Ivy, New Lowell, Everett, Mansfield, Lisle, and Creemore. Currently, Lisle and Creemore parks have been used. The tournament is held in July.

Since 1999, the Rockers have attended the Canadian National Oldtimers Baseball Championships. Each year the tournament is hosted in a different region of Canada (Ontario, Eastern Provinces, Western Provinces). The first tournament was held in 1993.

Between 1999 and 2002 the Rockers entered in the 35 plus age category. In 2002, the Rockers hosted the National Tournament where they entered a 44 plus age team along with the 35 plus team.

Since 2003, the Rockers have continued to enter a team at the 44 plus age category and in 2012 moved to the 50 plus age category.

The Rockers had the privilege to host the 10th Annual Canadian National Oldtimers Baseball Championship, August 2nd to 5th, 2002. Local ballparks were used, such as, Collingwood (main diamond), Stayner, Creemore, Lisle, and Mansfield. The event was well attended with 14 teams in the 35 plus age group and 11 teams in the 44 plus age group. The Rockers provided two teams - one in the 35 plus and one in the 44 plus age categories. The Barrie Red Sox Oldtimers (who also contain some current and past players of the NDBL) also submitted two teams.

Oldtimers baseball is both competitive and fun and players have no intention to hang up their uniforms, quite yet.

Team Photos

Photo: Rockers - 2012 Photo: Rockers - 2010 Photo: Rockers - 2009 Photo: Rockers - 2005 Photo: Rockers - 2000

Dufferin-Simcoe and Barrie Rosters at 2002 Tournament

The 2002 Roster for Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers - 35+ Terry Gowan, Rick Coker, Paul Carruthers, Tom Anderson, Terry Horan, Dan Gowan, Stephen Harrison, Jim Halliday, Chris Darling, Myles Morrish, Steve Drury, Rob Hubbert, Kevin Green, Dave Waddell, Glenn Carruthers, Terry Knicely.

The 2002 Roster for Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers - 44+ Wayne Rowe, Dick Cauthers, Bob Forbes, Gord Dunn, Orville Jenkins, Tom Arnold, Terry Shaw, Kevin Greer, Paul Greer, Dave Mortimer, Lloyd Micks, Brent Bailey, Bill Patton, Steve Grossi, Roger Maes, Paul Black, Don Bartley, Ron Lennox, Hank McAteer.

The 2002 Roster for Barrie Red Sox - 35+ Greg Campbell, Neil Campbell, Chris Davie, Al Elliott, Don Elliott, Wayne Gethons, Bruce Harpell, Jeff Hurl, John Johnston, Brent MacTavish, Greg McMillan, Ted Moryto, Randy Richie, Rob Roy, Kevin Schrobback, Tom Scott, Dave Speers, Larry Sutton, Andy Van Der Heyden, Rick Zeggil.

The 2002 Roster for Barrie Red Sox - 44+ John Kenwell, Duncan Campbell, Bryan Greig, Bob Burns, Don Wardle, Jerry Hay, Grant Campbell, Greg Grant, Jim Scriver, Paul Borho, Roger Fleming, Andre Marszalek, Marty Beelen, John Johnson Sr., John Johnson Jr.

Oldtimers shine in exhibition ball game

Finishing off the opening day of New Lowell's Civic-holiday baseball tournament was an old-timers game involving players from years past. Two of them, Bob Patton and Monte Elliott have coaching chores now and Bill Patton still does some useful playing with both New Lowell and Ivy teams.
But nearly all the others were quite removed from active play and some surprised - and delighted - the throng of onlookers. The vets put together a five-inning fun game that had a 9-6 scoring edge for Bud Anderson's Visitors over Bill Irwin's Home.
Excelling was Demp Snow with three hits and a dazzling exhibition of running speed that added up to two runs for the winners. Also collecting hits were pitcher Monte Elliott, John Johnson and Jack Wilson. The losers got two hits each from Adrian Maes and Murray Henderson and singles from Bob Duff, Paul Carruthers and Robert Walker. The latter was also hit twice by a pitched ball, a frequent occurrence of former playing days.
Sharing the pitching for the losing side were Paul Carruthers, Fred Garland and George Ellis. Others on that line-up were Ray Coe and Bill Irwin. Filling out the winners' side were Bill Patton, Bob Patton, Harry Shaw, Cory Verstraten and George Scott.

- The Creemore Star, Wed. Aug. 6, 1980