Junior Champions

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Junior Champions

With the growth of minor baseball in the area and the apparent need to field junior teams, the North Dufferin Baseball League established a junior division in 1983.

The second year saw the most entries with 11 teams participating. However by 1999, the division had dwindled down to five teams and only one junior entry in 2000. From 2000 to 2005 there was no separate junior loop and championship, rather the one or two junior aged teams played in the senior category.

By 2006 the junior division was reestablished with three teams who played an interlocking schedule with the senior division. By 2011, the league included five teams and enough for a separate playing schedule.

Championship teams from 1983 to 1999 were awarded the New Lowell Legion Trophy. The Creemore Braves hold eight championships in their 15 years in the league. They appeared in the finals nine consecutive times from 1991 to 1999, winning seven titles.

When the division was reestablished in 2006, the New Lowell Legion Trophy had been lost to time. Championship teams received a keeper cup upon their victory.

In 2012, the Anderson Family donated a new annual trophy to be awarded to the junior division champions. The Anderson Trophy was presented for the first time to the Barrie Red Sox in 2012. The names of the 2006 to 2011 champions were also inscribed on the trophy.

(Photo) North Dufferin Baseball League Anderson Trophy
North Dufferin Baseball League
Junior Division
Donated 2012

N.D.B.L. Junior Champions and Finalists

  1983 New Lowell Collingwood
  1984 New Lowell Shelburne
  1985 Barrie Orangeville
  1986 Shelburne Orillia
  1987 Collingwood Shelburne
  1988 Creemore Orillia
  1989 Creemore Tottenham
  1990 Flesherton Tottenham
  1991 Creemore Flesherton
  1992 Flesherton Creemore
  1993 Creemore New Lowell
  1994 Flesherton Creemore
  1995 Creemore Everett
  1996 Flesherton Creemore
  1997 Creemore Collingwood
  1998 Creemore Flesherton
  1999 Creemore New Lowell
  2000-2005 No Junior Division
  2006 Barrie Bolton
  2007 Barrie Bolton
  2008 Bolton Barrie
  2009 Bolton Midland
  2010 Orangeville Midland
  2011 Midland Richmond Hill
  2012 Barrie Richmond Hill
  2013 Barrie Orillia
  2014 Aurora Barrie
  2015 Creemore Ivy
  2016 New Lowell Mansfield
  2017 Mansfield New Lowell
  2018 Mansfield Ivy
  2019 Ivy Orangeville

(No. of Championship wins)

Creemore 9
Barrie 5
Flesherton 4
New Lowell 3
Bolton 2
Mansfield 2
Aurora 1
Collingwood 1
Ivy 1
Midland 1
Orangeville 1
Shelburne 1