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East Division All-Stars<br />Back row from left: Ron Dipalma, Brandon Nieva, Carter Burnside, Cale McLean, Adam Foote, Chris Leslie, Ryan Bennett, Chris Rettie, Ryan Vanveen, Nathan Drury, coach Kevin Buck.<br />
Front row: manager Troy Barwick, Daniel Accardo, Chris Fafalios, Jeff Shilling, Jake Morris, Pete Flood, Devon Wu, Carson Burns, Eamonn Chiodo, Shayne Rauhut"
West Division All-Stars<br />Back row from left: coach Vance White, Nick Saracino, David White, coach Kyle Warren, Jake Nicholson, Cory Line, Craig Bressant, Kris Allary, Jesse McIntyre, Bryan Hannon, manager Peter Kinghan.<br />
Front row: Benjamin Davies, Adrian Gutierrez, Tom Gateman, Jeff Akitt, Ryan Smith, Donovan Winch, Brandon Norrie, Tristan Cabral, Luke Newmaster.<br />
Missing from photo: Zach Scragg
Carter Burnside (Bolton Brewers) of the East Stars (centre left) and Cory Line (Clearview Orioles) of the West Stars were named game most valuable player and are congratulated by league secretary Scott Anderson and president Jesse McIntyre. Burnside went 4 for 5, scored 2 runs, and batted 3 runs in. Line pitched 4 innings, allowed 6 runs on four hits with 2 strikeouts.
Expos<br />Back row from left: manager Phil Wilkins, coach Anthony Zambito, Kevin Wolfenden, Dylan Dever, Micael Zambito, Colin Kitching, Lucas Day, Tristan Hill, Nathan Lennox, coach Glenn Strickland.<br />
Front row: Dylan Embury, Tanner Woodhouse, Mitch Tucker, Mitchell Shilton, Charlie Jeans, Jacob Hall.
Jays<br />
Back row from left: coach Brant Dubeau, manager Dave Metz, Ty Doney, Cam Provenzano, Tyson Pendleton, Spencer Dubeau, Ryan Barr, Peyton Tisi, Jordan Metz, coach Mike Provenzano.<br />
Front row: James Clubine, Jamie Strickland, Kashtin Winchester, Evan Tucket, Cade Lafrance, Jayden Wilkins, Liam Woodford.
Charlie Jeans (Ivy Blues) of the Expos (centre left) and Ty Doney (Orangeville Bengals) of the Jays were named game most valuable player and are congratulated by host organizer Chris Esson and league secretary Scott Anderson. Jeans went 2 for 2 with 1 run scored.  Doney pitched 2 innings, giving up 1 walk and striking out 4 Expos.
North Dufferin Baseball League secretary and junior division convenor Scott Anderson presents the Anderson Trophy to coach Dave Metz of the Mansfield Cubs during a post-game presentation Aug. 23.
Mansfield Cubs - 2018 Junior Division Champions<br /> Back row, l-r: coach Fred Foster, Nick Loucks, Ryan McLean, Lucas Day, Alex Attenborough, Josh Johnston, Jeff Christman, Jamie Crain, coach Dave Metz.<br />

Front row, l-r: coach Randy Pendleton, Laird Blanchard, Jake Currie, Kashtin Winchester, Braden Doiron, Scott Pendleton, Jordan Metz.
Ivy Blues - 2018 Junior Division Finalists<br />Back row, l-r: Riley Stewart, Michael Pisco, Brady Robinson, Tyler Huitema, Thomas Barnes, Ryan Barr, Peyton Tisi, coach Dan Tucker.<br />

Front row, l-r: Daniel Miller, Mitch Tucker, Jack Boos, Brendan Lovell.
North Dufferin Baseball League President Jesse McIntyre (centre) presents the Strother Cup to Sean Hayward and Vance White of the Ivy Leafs after winning the league championship on Sept. 23, 2018.
The Ivy Leafs won the North Dufferin Baseball League championship on Sept. 23.  Pictured back row from left are: coach Vance White, James Anderson, Steve Harrison, Sean Hayward, Brett Scott, Jeremy Uylenbroek, Kevin Dumond, Brad Grieveson, Craig Speers, Josh Henson, Chad Watters, Kael Racioppa.<br />Front row, from left: Steve Bowman, Norm Love, Walker Ferri, Phil Tan, Brett Elliott, Dan Forrester, David White.<br />
Missing from photo: Tyler Plumpton.
League secretary Scott Anderson presents the Paul Carruthers Memorial Award to Brad Grieveson of the Ivy Leafs after being named the most valuable player during the playoffs.