Join The Club: Preseason 2019
Join NWWC for the 2019 Preseason Session and join a tradition of developing young champions through self-discipline, self-direction, leadership, sportsmanship, mental toughness, hard work and ferocious competition. The 2019 NWWC Preseason Session is seven weeks long with a focus on takedowns. All practices are held at South Kitsap High School, they're taught in series and the pace of practice is determined by the top third in the room. See below for practice details, registration info, costs and the 2019-2020 Folkstyle Tournament Schedule. Welcome to NWWC!





Blue Team (Born 2008-2015)
NWWC Blue Team practices are designed for beginner and less-experienced youth wrestlers born 2008-2015. The focus of practice is to introduce core wrestling positions and technique necessary to compete at local and state-level youth wrestling tournaments. Tournaments are optional for Blue Team wrestlers. During the 2019 Preseason, the Blue Team will practice two nights/week.


Blue Team
Mondays & Wednesdays, 6-7pm, South Kitsap High School, Port Orchard
Sept 16 - Oct 30
$70 plus USA Wrestling membership (see Costs below)


High School/Middle School Team (Born 2001-2009)
NWWC HS/MS Team practices are designed for new and experienced wrestlers born 2001-2009. The focus of practice is to introduce and develop (or further develop) the fundamentals necessary to compete at local and state-level wrestling tournaments while preparing young men and women for high school wrestling. Tournaments are optional for HS/MS Team wrestlers. 
During the 2019 Preseason, the HS/MS Team will practice two nights/week.


HS/MS Team
Mondays & Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm, South Kitsap High School, Port Orchard
Sept 16 - Oct 30
$105 plus USA Wrestling membership (see Costs below)


Red Team (Born 2008-2013)
NWWC Red Team practices are designed for experienced, committed and highly-competitive youth wrestlers born 2008-2013. The focus of Red Team practice is to develop disciplined positioning, mental toughness and the fundamental techniques required to compete at both state, national and international-level tournaments. 


Red Team
Mondays & Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm, South Kitsap High School, Port Orchard
Sept 16 - Oct 30
$105 plus USA Wrestling membership (see Costs below)


Register for the 2019 NWWC Preseason Session through the link below. Registration dues can be paid online by credit card or at any first practice with cash or check payable to NWWC. 
*Please note: Before registering for an NWWC session, all wrestlers must first have a current USA Wrestling membership. If you do not have a current USAW membership, you will need to purchase one through the USAW membership website (see costs below). 

Click to Register For NWWC Preseason 2019


In addition to the registration fee above, a USA Wrestling membership will cost $15 to participate in practice and local tournaments (Limited membership), or $45 (Full membership) to also compete at State Championships or Freestyle/Greco tournaments (Spring tournaments). A USAW membership provides secondary insurance coverage and is purchased by credit card through the USA Wrestling membership website. A USAW membership is effective from Sept 1st to Aug 31st. Those who have purchased a $15 USAW membership and wish to compete at a State Championship or Freestyle/Greco tournament will need to upgrade to the $45 full membership. To upgrade, simply pay the difference through the USA Wrestling website ($30). 

Steps to purchasing a USA Wrestling membership :

  1. and click create new account. 
  2. Claim your old profile by clicking claim profiles.  (Accounts and profile are different, you can claim multiple profiles under your account i.e your athletes/spouse)
  3. Your dashboard will populate with the profiles you selected.
  5. Here you can purchase or Renew, click which one you are doing. 
  6. Click Purchase for you athlete/coach
  7. Select Membership type 
  8. Save and continue to check out
  9. Adding multiple athletes/coaches under your account select MEMBERSHIP at the top of the page and repeat the process, this will create one payment for multiple purchase. 


Always bring clean clothing to practice (a pair of shorts, t-shirt, wrestling shoes) and your own water/fluids. Wrestling shoes are available at most local sporting goods stores like Big 5 or Dick's. If you cannot find wrestling shoes locally, try my favorite online wrestling stores:


NWWC is a sanctioned member of USA Wrestling and one of many local USAW clubs that compete at youth wrestling tournaments nearly every weekend throughout the regular season. Tournaments vary in location (usually at high schools around the Seattle Metro area) and all kids, all ages have the opportunity to compete each weekend and take home a medal, trophy or belt. All NWWC wrestlers are encouraged to compete at tournaments. 
*Parents are responsible for pre-registering their wrestler(s) for tournaments through Entering a tournament by pre-registration is usually less-expensive than registering on-site, and some tournaments (like the Washington State Wrestling Championships) are pre-registration only. For more information on what to expect at youth wrestling tournaments, see the 'About Tournaments' section to the left.




Local-Level & In-State Tournaments

National-Level & Out-of-State Tournaments

Pre Wk 1


Pre Wk 2


 Cosmic Clash, Denver, CO (9/27-28/2019)

Pre Wk 3



Pre Wk 4


SUPER 32, Greensboro, NC (10/11-13/2019)

California Wold Challenge, Clovis, CA (10/12-13/2019)

Pre Wk 5


 Freak Show, Las Vegas, NV (10/18-20/2019)

Pre Wk 6

    Thunderdome Throwdown, Highline CC (10/27/2019)

 USAW Preseason Ntls, Des Moines, IA (10/25-27/2019)

Pre Wk 7



FS Wk 1

  Anacortes Open, Anacortes, WA (11/9/2019)


FS Wk 2

  Basin Brawl, Moses Lake, WA (11/16/2019)

  Punisher Folkstyle Open, TBD (11/17/2019)

   Tulsa Kickoff, Tulsa, OK (11/15-16/2019)

FS Wk 3

    Bigfoot Battle, Spokane (11/22-23/2019)

    Skagit Valley YellowJackets, Burlington, WA (11/24/2019)

    Pacific Junior Open, Forest Grove, OR (11/23/2019)

FS Wk 4

   Tough Guy, Buckley (11/29/2019)


FS Wk 5

   Trojan War, Auburn, WA (12/8/2019)


FS Wk 6

   NWWC - Ultimate Wrestler, Bremerton (12/15/2019)


FS Wk 7

 Stanwood Folk Open, Stanwood, WA (12/22/2019)






 Elma Folkstyle, Elma, WA (1/5/2020)

   Salt Lake Slam, Farmington, UT (1/3-4/2019)

WS Wk 1

  Bad Draw (OWC Qualifier), Snohomish (1/12/2020)


WS Wk 2


 Oregon Wrestling Classic, Redmond, OR (1/18-19/2020)

 Tulsa Nationals, Tulsa, OK (1/16-18/2020)

WS Wk 3

 Live Hard, Kirkland, WA (1/25/2020)


WS Wk 4

  Takedown Express, Kent, WA (2/1/2020)


      WS Wk 5

      NWWC - PreState, Bremerton (2/9/2020)




      WS Wk 6

      Skagit Valley Open, Burlington, WA (2/15/2020)

      Battle in the Woods, Eatonville, WA (2/16/2020)



      WS Wk 7

      WSWA Folkstyle State, Tacoma Dome (2/23/2020)




6U - Younger than 8U
8U - Born in 2012 or 2013
10U - Born in 2010 or 2011
12U - Born in 2008 or 2009
14U - Born in 2006 or 2007
16U - Born in 2004 or 2005
19U - Born in 2000 to 2003