USAW Athlete Membership

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All club members and participants are required to have a USAW limited folkstyle membership before being allowed to participate in any Chaparral Wrestling Club activity. This includes, but is not limited to practices, scrimmages, dual meets, tournaments, camp attendance and off-season workouts. In addition to being a mandatory club requirement, a USAW limited folkstyle membership is required by Peak2Peak to participate in their events and tournaments. 


Chaparral Wrestling Club no longer purchases USAW memberships for club members. It is the responsibility of the parent / athlete to purchase and renew their USAW membership each year. USAW memberships are valid from September 1 through August 31 of the following year. 


To obtain your USAW limited folkstyle membership, you need to create an account and claim your child's profile by going here:


If you are only participating in the Folkstyle Season, a limited folkstyle membership is all that we require. The cost of a limited membership is $15.00.


If you are participating in national tournaments, Freestyle and/or Greco or participating in any wrestling activity outside of the folkstyle season you MUST purchase a full athlete membership. The cost of a full athlete membership is $50.00.


If your child has wrestled before, they likely have a USAW number already assigned to them. You can check this by going to the USAW website clicking MANAGE, then the PROFILES tab, and then the blue "CLAIM PROFILE" button. Once you have found your athletes USAW number, you can claim the profile so that you can manage and renew your athlete's membership. If your child has never wrestled before, you can simply create a new profile and purchase a limited folkstyle membership and a USAW number will be generated and assigned.


You will be required to attest and provide your athlete's USAW number at the time of registration so please purchase this membership prior to registering your athlete for any Chaparral Wrestling Club activities. 

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