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Chaparral Freestyle and Greco-Roman Season

One of the best ways to improve over the off-season is to wrestle Freestyle and Greco-Roman during the spring and early summer. We strongly encourage our Advanced and Intermediate team members to continue wrestling through the spring and summer and get as much mat time in as possible between and around other sports. There simply is no replacement for mat time and skill development. Learning new styles and techniques will also significantly help your wrestler as the best folkstyle wrestlers also wrestle Freestyle and Greco in the off-season.

Freestyle and Greco are very different from the folkstyle we have been wrestling. Most of the action is from the neutral (standing) position; there are a lot of throws and upper-body techniques; very little time is spent grappling on the mat; it is more about exposing your opponents back than controlling and pinning your opponent. These are the styles you see in International competition and they are fluid, dynamic, and carry a different set of rules. Most of the technique is transferable to folkstyle wrestling, but they are truly a more "fun style" in many ways. I recommend you give it a try as it feels like a different sport, is not as much of a grind, and the practices are typically a bit more laid back.

FRECO Season with Mile High Wrestling Club

Mile High Wrestling Club will be starting their FRECO (Freestyle / Greco Roman) practice schedule the week of March 4th. Mile High FRECO practice will be held at Chaparral High School in the wrestling room on T/TH from 6:00pm - 8:00pm and on M/W at Cherokee Trail High School and is for the older and more Advanced level wrestlers. 

In order to participate with Mile High for the FRECO season, you will be required to register on the Mile High website - https://www.milehighwrestlingclub.com/register.html and pay the monthly fee of $50. The normal rate is $100, but all Chaparral wrestlers get a reduced rate of $50 per month. To participate in any wrestling activities with Mile High you must have a FULL USAW athlete membership. If you do not have a full membership, you can go online to USAW and upgrade to the full membership: https://www.usawmembership.com/login 

"Funstyle" Season with Chaparral Wrestling Club

Chaparral will be offering a Freestyle/Greco session that runs April through June and that practice will be held on Mondays from 6:00pm - 7:30pm. We are calling this session "Funstyle" for the reasons outlined above and this session will be a little more introductory and less intense than the Mile High FRECO practices. If you have less than 4 years of folkstyle experience or have less than 2 years of Freestyle / GRECO wrestling experience this would be a good practice to sign up for. We expect to have kids as young as 8 or 9 in the room all the way up to high school seniors. Also, if you are a high level advanced wrestler who is involved in other sports or can't make the Mile High practices, this would be a great session to get in some mat time to learn and refine some different techniques. Chaparral "Funstyle" will be coached and taught by the Andy Sistek with assistance from Sam Bell. The cost of the the three month "Funstyle" season is $100 and does require that you register online and pay the $100 registration fee at the time of registration. We are no longer accepting cash or check payments for registration fees or tournament dues and ask all participants to register and pay online - https://www.leaguelineup.com/myll_login.asp?url=chaparralyouthwrestling&nw=1

You will see that we also require a FULL USAW membership to participate in the "Funstyle" season due to insurance coverage. If you do not have a full membership, you can go online to USAW and upgrade here: https://www.usawmembership.com/login 

We look forward to seeing many of you throughout the spring and summer and keep the momentum going all spring and summer long!! 

Coach Becker



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