7 on 7 Passing League Rules

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7 on 7 Rules

7 on 7 football is a fast paced, all passing form of football that was designed to improve the skills of football players in the off season without putting the physical toll on their bodies. The games are played on half of a football field with offenses always moving towards the same end zone. There are no running plays allowed, although dumping the ball off to a RB behind the line of scrimmage is permitted. There is no pass rush and the QB must release the ball within 5 seconds or be penalized. For safety a mouth guard is required and contact is very limited. No tackling is permitted; simply touching the offensive player stops play. Games at the MYFA football fields located 500 West SW 59th street Mustang, OK.  (West of Wildhorse Park)  405-283-8282

Sign up dates:  February 24 – March 27             

Season dates:  March 31 – April 30.  Games to be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Mondays as alternative)

Sign up individual online:  http://www.mustangyouthfootball.net/

Sign up a full team:  YouthFootball.Mustang@gmail.com

MYFA 7 on 7 Passing League Rules and Regulations

PLAYERS AREA - There will be a designated area for players and certified coaches located on each sideline of the playing field. This is a mandatory location during games for teams. One coach may remain on the field with their team during play. Coaches may not interfere with the outcome of the play or they will be penalized 12 yards and ejected from the game.

THE BALL – Each team must provide a football fully inflated.  Size Junior.
CLEATS - Only molded cleats or screw in style cleats will be allowed for outdoor play. Baseball spikes or metal tipped cleats will not be permitted.  No billed hats will be allowed on the field of play. No jewelry will be allowed including but not limited to necklaces, watches, bracelets, or earrings).
UNIFORMS - Teams will be required to wear matching jerseys or shirts. Teams must check with the 7 on 7 directors to get the color of shirt approved for play.  Players should have matching shorts, preferably black.
MOUTH PIECE – Mouthpieces are mandatory!   

AMOUNT - The game is to be played by two teams of seven (7) players each. The Center DOES count towards this total of players but is not considered an active eligible player.  More than seven players on the field is illegal, while less than seven (7) players is legal with a minimum of five (5) players needed to play. Penalty for too many players: 4 yards for illegal substitution or 12 yards for illegal participation.
CAPTAINS - At the beginning of the game, each team must designate up to 2 captains. The captain(s) will act as sole representatives of their team in all communications with the officials.
ROSTERS - Teams are recommended to carry 10 players on their roster.  A team must have at least 8 and no more than 12 players.  Team rosters are frozen after the first game.

LENGTH OF THE GAME - The length of the game is 25 minutes. A Running time with no clock stoppage is used. The clock will stop only for serious player injuries.
Note: Games may be shortened due to weather, darkness, or unusual circumstances.
STARTING EACH GAME – A coin toss will determine first possession. Once the teams are ready on each end of the field the game clock will start on the officials whistle.
TIME OUTS – There are no time outs allowed.   

BETWEEN PLAYS - The offensive team will have 25 seconds to snap the ball once the referee has spotted the ball after the previous play has been ruled dead. It shall be the responsibility of the offensive team to retrieve the ball and hand it to the referee after each play. The referee will indicate by signaling to the offensive team when 10 seconds remains on the clock. Because of the amount of games, all games start/end at the same time.
FORFEIT - If a team is late and can’t start when the game officially starts, the late team will forfeit after 5 minutes has run off the game clock. Victory will be scored as 6-0. If the coaches agree, and the late team arrives with time still left on the clock, they may scrimmage, however the forfeit will still be awarded to the team that was on time. The team that is a no-show will be required to pay a $50 fine to re-join the league. 
LINE OF SCRIMMAGE - Offensive team must have at least Three (3) players on the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap.
MOTION - Only ONE PLAYER can be in motion at the snap of the ball and must be running parallel to or away from the line of scrimmage. Please note that more than one player can initially shift, however all players must be set before the player goes in motion.
Alignment – All eligible receivers on the line of scrimmage must be outside the “tackle box” backs may line up in the back field and a tight end may line up in a traditional alignment. However, all players on the line must be 5 yards away from the center.
CHARGING – All offensive players once receiving the ball MUST make an attempt to avoid contact with the defense. If an offensive player lowers their shoulder, or attempts to bull through a defensive player, a 12 yard personal foul penalty will be accessed from the spot of the foul.
NO BLOCKING IS ALLOWED - Neither the offensive or defensive player may initiate contact at any time. Penalty will be 12 yards from the spot of the foul.
ELIGIBLE RECEIVERS – All receivers are eligible to run down field and catch passes. The center is NOT an eligible player or receiver but does count towards the total of 7.  5 Eligible receivers per play.

DIRECT SNAPS – There must be a center and the ball must travel between the centers legs or he can kneel with the ball on the ground, then toss it back to the quarterback.
TIME OF PASS – The QB is allowed 5 seconds to throw the ball. If the ball is not out of the QB’s hands in 5 seconds, this will count as a sack of the QB and the ball will be placed back at the original line of scrimmage.
NEUTRAL ZONE – A two-yard neutral zone has been established between the offensive and defensive lines. Once the ball has left the QB’s hand, the defense may pursue the ball.
RUSHING THE PASSER – There is no rushing the passer allowed.
TACKLING – A legal tackle is defined as touching with one (1) or two (2) hands below the shoulders, without impeding his forward movement. Incidental contact does not constitute a penalty against the offense or defense. Tackling a ball carrier is illegal, includes aggressively shoving or pushing the ball carrier to the ground or out of bounds.  This will result in a 12-yard penalty plus automatic first down. Only if the official feels that the defensive player intentionally pushes or shoves a ball carrier to the ground will constitute a penalty.
STRIPPING THE BALL – Players may not attempt to strip the ball. Although until the ball has been deemed a catch, both the offense and defense have equal rights to the ball.
INTERCEPTIONS – An interception is worth 2 points and is blown dead immediately. An interception results in a change of possession and the ball placed at the 40 yard line.

SPOTTING THE BALL - The ball will be spotted according to the position of the ball at the time the player was touched.
BALL CARRIER INADVERTENTLY FALLS TO THE GROUND - A ball carrier who falls to the ground is considered down and will not be allowed to get back up to play.
FUMBLES - There are no fumbles. When the ball carriers loses control of the ball and it touches the ground the play is ruled dead and the ball is spotted at the point it touched the ground as long as the spot is at or behind the ball carriers forward progress.
BAD SNAPS FROM CENTER - Any center snap that falls and touches the ground will be ruled a dead ball.  Ball will be set at the original line of scrimmage.
BALL PLACEMENT- The team that is receiving the ball at the start of the game or after any touchdown will start with the ball on the 40 yard line. The offensive team takes possession of the ball at the 40 yard line and has 3 plays to make a first down at or beyond the 25 yard line. If the offensive team crosses the 25 yard line, they will then have 3 downs to get to the 10 yard line for another 1st down. Inside the 10 yard line is 4 down territory. If the offense fails to score, the ball changes possession and the new offensive team takes over on the 40 yard line. The ball is placed in the center of the field to start an offensive possession at the 40 yard line. After that the ball may be placed at the hash marks on the side of the field the play ends.
KICKING/ PUNTING- There is no punting or kicking.
OVERTIME – If both teams are tied after regulation the game will go as a tie for both teams record. In playoff games there will be overtime for tied games. The format will follow the OSSAA rules of each team getting 1st and goal from the 10 yard line. Both teams get equal chances to score. In playoffs this will be repeated until we have a winner. Teams must go for 2 points after the 2nd overtime.


TOUCHDOWNS = 6 points EXTRA POINT = 1 point (from the 3-yard line) or = 2 points (from the 5-yard line) If there is an interception on an extra point then the ball is dead and 2 points will be awarded to the defense.
INTERCEPTIONS = 2 points (dead immediately), change of possession.

Rules will follow OSSAA high school rules with the following included:
ENCROACHMENT/OFFSIDE - A player will be considered offside when he/she breaks the 2 yard neutral zone at the line of scrimmage. The penalty will be 4 yards and replay down.
UNNESSESARY ROUGHNESS – When in the judgment of the official the offensive or defensive player makes contact with a player in a manner that is too aggressive or that is not deemed as an attempt to legally touch, this will be considered roughing. The penalty will be 12 yards and an automatic first down.
NOT ENOUGH PLAYERS ON THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE – The offense is required to have at least 3 players on the line of scrimmage. If they fail to have 3 players on the line at the start of the play, a penalty will be called of 4 yards and replay the down.
DEFENSIVE HOLDING – This occurs when a defender grabs the ball carrier and impedes his forward progress. This will be a 12-yard penalty from the spot of the foul.
PASS INTERFERENCE - Defensive pass interference will result in an automatic 1st down and 12 yd. penalty from line of scrimmage. Offensive pass interference will result in a loss of down and 12 yd. Penalty from line of scrimmage.
DIVING – At no time may a ball carrier leave his feet to advance the ball. Diving will be at the sole discursion of the Referee. A 4-yard penalty (unless a first down is achieved after the penalty has been marked off) will be applied.

FIGHTING AND UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT – ZERO TOLERANCE- Fighting, taunting and all other unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. All penalties and suspensions will follow OSSAA rules.

Spectators, Coaches and Players ejected by the referee for striking an opponent or official will face criminal charges and will be removed from the league.

Any suspensions for unsportsmanlike conduct can carry over and be enforced between the MYFA tackle football season.
The MYFA executive football board will review appeals after a $50 appeal fee has been paid to MYFA Football in cash. All decisions are final once the situation has been reviewed.

Drinking/Controlled Substances – Drinking of alcoholic beverages is NOT allowed before or during games. Spectators found drinking prior to or during their game will not be allowed to be in the facility. Anyone believed to be under the influence of a controlled substance will not be allowed to remain in the facility.
100% Tobacco Free – Absolutely no means of Tobacco will be accepted or tolerated, be it natural or synthetic. This includes all forms; smoke, smokeless and electric, water vapor or any other forms not listed.
Absolutely No Firearms or any other weapons are allowed. This includes those with conceal and carry permits.
MYFA is a drug and smoke free facility.  All MYFA By-laws are valid for 7 on 7.

ACCIDENT INSURANCE –The Mustang Youth Football Association will provide accidental insurance coverage for injuries received by participants.

Age Groups/Divisions
Divisions will be established as defined below:
8 yr old division – Cannot be 9 before May 1st of the current year.
9 yr old division – Cannot be 10 before May 1st of the current year.
10 yr old division – Cannot be 11 before May 1st of the current year.
11/12 yr old division – Cannot be 12 before February 1st of the current year.

MYFA coaches from the previous fall tackle season may bring the team they coached to participate. Must have a minimum roster of 8 players and a maximum of 12 players. There will be a team fee of $200 (approximately $20 per player). This will include regular season games and any post season games or playoffs over a 5 week period. MYFA will not charge a gate fee for the regular season games.