Baseball Canada's Coaching Initiation Program
Welcome to the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)! This Coach Initiation in Baseball online module is a first step on your coaching pathway in the NCCP. If you are a new coach or a parent interested in getting involved in coaching, this online module is the perfect way to set yourself up for success. 

The Coach Initiation in Baseball online module is designed as an important introduction to the key coaching concepts and educational tools that are the foundation of the NCCP. Coaches will learn the fundamentals of coaching and baseball as it explores topics including long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. Coach Initiation in Baseball includes specific sections to further educate coaches in skill development of young baseball athletes including throwing and receiving, base-running, game strategies, and hitting. The module remains an excellent informational resource for coaches which they can revisit at any time after successful completion of the module.

Access this fundamental resource, which will take approximately 2 hours to complete, for only $37.45 on Baseball Canada’s website by clicking the banner below.

Please note: all coaches must complete this module prior to taking any other NCCP baseball clinics. 

Baseball Canada Instructional Videos
Baseball Canada is pleased to announced and bring to coaches of all skill levels a series of Instructional Videos to help with various aspects of the game. Beginning February 25 and running through May 9, this is a great tool for anyone to take advantage of

Featuring former Major League catcher Joe Siddall, these videos are meant to help coaches with practices and teaching points for their summer or winter programming, or for baseball players to watch and learn on their own.

These are great tools for everyone!

Week of February 25
Batters Box
Ground Balls

Week of February 29
Hitting Load

Week of March 7
Leadoff at 1st Base
Hitting Contact Point

Week of March 14
Receiving with no runners on base

Week of March 21
Receiving the ball at 1st Base
Pitching from the Full Windup

Week of March 28
Tag Play
Catching with Runners on Base

Week of April 4
Slow Roller
Catchers Blocking

Week of April 11
Safety Catch
Catchers Throw to 2nd Base

Week of April 18
Home to First

Week of April 25
Pitcher Covering First Base
Touching First Base

Week of May 2
Rounding First Base

Week of May 9
4-6-3 Double Play
Secondary Lead


Baseball Canada Coaching Vlogs
Beginning February 25, Baseball Canada is begun releasing Vlogs that will help in development of coaches and players of all skill levels.

These Vlogs are a great opportunity to watch, listen and learn about various concepts, teaching techniques, programming ideas and other topics that will turn the most basic coach into one that can maximize his or her coaching ability!

Check them out at the links below by simply clicking on the underlined topic!

Vlog #1 - The Challenge Zone
Vlog #2 - Productive Practice
Vlog #3 - Measuring Athletes
Vlog #4 - Tee Height
Vlog #5 - Rally Cap Evaluation
Vlog #6 - Giving Signs
Vlog #7 - Coaching the Female Athlete
Vlog #8 - Finding the Right Bat
Vlog #9 - Rally Cap System
Vlog #10 - Goal Setting
Vlog #11 - Dynamic vs Static Stretching
Vlog #12 - Tools for Hitters
Vlog #13 - Coaches Equipment Bag
Vlog #14 - Safety
Vlog #15 - Learning Styles
Vlog #16 - Batting Practice Rounds
Vlog #17 - Pre Game Preparation
Vlog #18 - Different types of gloves
Vlog #19 - Game responsibilities
Vlog #20 - Dominant Eye
Vlog #21 - Giving feedback
Vlog #22 - Pitch Count
Vlog #23 - Complimentary Sports
Vlog #24 - Playing Multiple Positions
Vlog #25 - Sun Protection

Mosquito A, PeeWee A, Mosquito Girls, PeeWee Girls: Online Course + Initiation Course
Mosquito AAA & AA, PeeWee AA, Bantam AAA & AA, Midget AA: Online, Initiation, Teaching & Learning, Skills Analysis, Planning
PeeWee AAA: Head Coach: Online, Initiation, Teaching & Learning, Skills Analysis, Planning, Portfolio, MED, Practice Evaluation
PeeWee AAA: Assistant Coach: Online, Initiation, Teaching & Learning, Skills Analysis, Planning

Please contact BNL Coaching Chairman Greg Williams if you require baseball coaching information. Email:

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