CHS Baseball Alumni Scholarship Criteria

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The following criteria and conditions represent the qualifications and procedures used in the selection of the CHS Baseball Scholarship winner.  The selection committee will consist of the CHS baseball coaches, the CHS Athletic Director, the high school Principal, and at least 2, but no more than 4, CHS baseball Alumni.

The following qualifications are needed to receive the CHS Baseball Alumni Scholarship Award.
1)  Must have been a senior Baseball player and earned a varsity award.

2)  Must submit a written letter of application containing reasons for applying, accomplishments, and future plans for college.  This must be done one week prior to Baseball Awards Banquet.

3)  One $1,000 will be awarded based upon the decision of the scholarship committee and availability of funds.  If there were to be numerous winners the $1,000 would be split accordingly.

4)  The recipient(s) will not be required to perform any services or acts in the exchange for the scholarship.

5)  The scholarship money will be forwarded to the college or university of the recipient(s) choice.  This will be done by the CHS principal.

6)  A nominee who receives a tuition/board and fees scholarship can receive the award but not the finances.  The next highest vote getter will then receive the scholarship money.

7)  Once the finances have been sent to college, they may not be retracted, unless requested by the recipient only to send to another college.

8)  The CHS Baseball Scholarship is a one year scholarship and may not be renewed.